Restaurant Review: Sushi Roxx Rocks!

One of the best sushi places in NYC

Sushi Roxx is a hip new restaurant that will be opening its doors in New York City this Wednesday.  Having a combination of flavorful food, strobe and disco lights, and a wait staff that will sing and dance every 15 minutes, Sushi Roxx is the place to be for a great night out with friends.  The perfect way to describe this restaurant would be the place you decide to go to pre-game on a Saturday night before you go out clubbing.

One of the great things about Sushi Roxx is the assortment of cocktails that they have.  If you are someone who enjoys extremely sweet drinks, then the Death To Ming is the drink for you.  Made from Don Pancho 8 year old rum, vanilla, fig, coconut, grapefruit, and hopped grapefruit bitters, this drink is packed with fruity flavors but then has a subtle, coconut taste at the end, and surprisingly doesn’t have that much of an alcohol burn to it at the end like most other types of drinks.  Another great drink was the Kung Fu Hustle, which has Absolut vodka, cucumber, thyme, lime, and sparkling water.  This drink is so refreshing and has a strong cucumber flavor to it, so if that kind of taste is something you are into, then that is the perfect drink for you.  But, one of the best drinks that they have to offer is the Cobra Kai made with Grey Goose vodka, Mezcal, Watermelon, pink peppercorn, lime, shiso leaf, and lime fresco salt.  First off, this drink has the perfect flavor of watermelon.  Not the artificial watermelon flavor that you find in cheap drinks, but real, natural watermelon flavor.  Plus, they also add a two slices of watermelon as a garnish to make it even better.  And this drink isn’t too sweet because of the pink peppercorn to balance it out.  This drink is sweet but not too sweet, refreshing, flavorful, and strong, very strongsushi roxx 5

Sushi Roxx also has a great selection of starters some of which include a tuna flatbread pizza, rock shrimp tempura, and spicy tuna crispy rice.  The tuna flatbread pizza also had an avocado mousse, aioli, and caviar to it and was delicious.  The tuna adds a subtle sweetness to the pizza that was balanced out with the smoky and salty aioli and the fattiness of the avocado mousse.  The flatbread itself had a great crunch to it and is the perfect way to start out your meal at Sushi Roxx.  Another great starter was the rock shrimp tempura with sesame seeds and aioli.  This was just like popcorn shrimp, sweet, crunchy, and a great light snack to eat.  Lastly, the spicy crispy tuna rice, which is a favorite at Sushi Roxx, is a starter that every person who enters Sushi Roxx should have.  With four pieces on the plate, this dish is sweet from the tuna, crunchy from the rice, and with a pickled jalapeno on the top, it adds just the right amount of heat and saltiness to the dish.

sushi roxx 6

As far as sushi rolls go, Sushi Roxx has a lot of interesting takes on the traditional sushi roll.  One of the better rolls that they have is the surf and turf sushi roll with shrimp tempura, snow crab, filet mignon, avocado, and yuzu miso.  This roll is perfect for anyone who loves seafood and meat.  The snow crab adds such a nice sweetness to the roll and added with the shrimp tempura’s crunchiness and the filet mignon’s savory quality it makes this roll such a tasty one to have.

sushi roxx 4

As far as the Sushi Roxx Specialties on the menu, the filet mignon with baby carrots and a ginger soy glaze is an amazing meal to order.  The baby carrots, glazed with a sweet maple glaze, paired with the tender, juicy steak, makes for an amazing bite to eat.  The ginger soy glaze on the filet also adds a nice salty and sweet combination to the steak and just packs the filet with flavor.  Each bite of the filet leaves you wanting more and with each bite you discover another flavor that the filet has with all the complex flavor combinations put into this dish.

sushi roxx 3

And lastly, for dessert, the molten sticky toffee cupcake with a cream cheese frosting and an amaretto crunch gelato is the perfect way to end your meal.  The cupcake itself is so warm and moist and the cream cheese frosting doesn’t add too much sweetness to it which is nice.  The sticky toffee around the cupcake is a great pairing to scoop up when you’re eating the cupcake.  But, the perfect bite is a forkful of the cupcake, the amaretto gelato, and the toffee.  This dessert is one of the best desserts in New York City and is a must have if you ever pay a visit to Sushi Roxx.

sushi roxx 1 sushi roxx 2

Overall, Sushi Roxx is a memorable dining experience for anyone who goes there.  Not only is the food full of flavor and just the epitome of everything that is good about Japanese food, but paired with the high energy wait staff who are always on the ready to break out in song and dance sets this sushi joint apart from the rest.  If you are ever on the east side of Manhattan and looking for a cool place to check out for dinner, definitely make your way over to Sushi Roxx.

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