Partnered Post: 5 Best Lifetime Movies for a Netflix Sunday

Though a bit tawdry in nature, the Lifetime film has come to be known as a bit of an American institution.

Storylines of Lifetime movies tend to be controversial, like a story straight out of a tabloid, but that is what keeps us coming back for more. Lifetime movie writers must be huddled in a bunker somewhere, hammering out worst case scenarios that will keep us on the edge of our seats while they twist plotlines of sex, drugs, intrigue and a couple of opportunities for tears on the side. Many A-list celebrities have had their claim to fame via the Lifetime movie network, working their way up the ranks as plots become increasingly more complicated and more dramatic.

In the past, there seemed to be a stigma regarding the type of person that would indulge in Lifetime movies. Middle-aged, married women on extended coffee breaks that had mountains of laundry to fold while gluing themselves to the unfolding drama would be the core group of Lifetime supporters before the age of digital streaming. With the streaming revolution changing entertainment for us forever, it seems that all sorts of people are now partaking in a bit of Lifetime drama.

Now that they have teamed up together, Lifetime and Netflix make the ultimate guilty pleasure, binge-watching combo. There is no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than by hunkering down with a good movie collection and munching on popcorn for hours on end. Grab your snacks, get a box of tissues, and put our list of top five Lifetime movies in your queue for the upcoming weekend.

 The Spirit of Christmas

Just in time for the holidays, a young lawyer from Vermont travels upstate to broker the sale of a historic inn. She quickly learns that the inn is fraught with paranormal activity and plagued by the ghost of a man who once lived there. The spirit refuses to leave until the mystery of his death has been solved. To make matters even more complicated, an unlikely romance blooms between the lawyer and the most charming spirit ever to grace the netherworld. Does it sound exciting and yet impossible? The movie is reviewed on Netflix Guides as being among the top 2 of its kind – suitable enough for the box of napkins set aside.

 Brace for Impact

When her brother dies in the plane crash she was supposed to be on with him, disgraced airline crash investigator Sofia Gilchrist begins secretly investigating the details herself. Through her own grief and the turmoil that she uncovers, she becomes certain that the crash was no accident. This thriller will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the unfolding of the entire storyline.

The Watcher

There are those that like suspenseful horror flicks; and those who don’t and occasionally cover their eyes. The horror genre needs to be watched by someone with a strong constitution and an imagination that they can keep in check after the lights go out. If this movie genre is your cup of tea, however, this might be one to pursue on a movie Sunday. In the film, a young couple embarks on an unexpected journey when they purchase their dream home, only to find out that someone, or something, is determined to drive them out at all cost. From the first night in their new “oasis”, the begin to realize that something is terribly amiss with their dream home. Who….or what….is watching?

The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt stars in this drama about a young Texas housewife who finds herself and her finances spiraling out of control. She takes on a job at a local massage parlor, only to find out that some of her co-workers also provide additional services for their preferred clients. Her inner struggle is obvious, and her morality questioned as she wrestles with the decision to follow in their footsteps while keeping her new occupation a secret from her family.

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Christina Ricci, Golden Globe nominee, stars as Lizzie Borden in this psychological thriller. The film is a fictional account of what might have taken place after she was acquitted of the horrific murders of her father and stepmother. Borden gains celebrity status as the trial ends, and the people that have surrounded her hoping to ride her coattails to fame mysteriously start dying one by one. Detective Charlie Siringo suspects that Borden has something to do with the cloud of death and is determined to prove that she is guilty of all crimes that have occurred.

Although not one of us would admit to binge watching our favorite series more than once, we have all done it. Give yourself a treat this coming weekend–follow our suggestions for a day of entertainment, relaxation, and indulgence as you draw the shades, put on your sweatpants, and surround yourself with guilty pleasures. You deserve it!

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