Museum of Ice Cream Pop-Up Opens in NYC, Tickets Promptly Sell Out

Meatpacking District, NYC – Museum of Ice Cream Pop-Up Opens in NYC, Tickets Promptly Sell Out. However, we caught a sneak peak a day before opening.

The announcement regarding a pool full of sprinkles was well documented earlier this summer, and finally, here we are getting to dive in ourselves. Indeed, the month-long “Museum of Ice Cream” hosts a 3-foot-deep pool of sprinkles, complete with ladder, diving board, beach balls, and tile stairs. It’s a place we can definitely imagine ourselves kicking-back in the pool, it’s at once soothing and spa-like, but also a total blast, with a selfie mirror on the ceiling, we couldn’t help not snap a cheeky shot.

The pool of sprinkles is only a part of the larger Museum of Ice Cream, which was created by Maryellis Bunn, who says the idea came about as a fun dream she had as a child. All these years later, manifested! With pastels and neon signs, there’s plenty to look at while at the Museum, and plenty to eat, too- guests can taste different ice creams from local makers, we enjoyed a Kellogg’s Froot Loop and marshmallow over Blue Marble vanilla ice cream, which was the special for this week. Other providers include OddFellows, Chinatown Ice Cream, and Black Tap. There’s plenty of truly interesting history, facts, and figures about ice cream along the walls, about the scoop, the taste, the texture, and more.

There’s an immersive chocolate room, with a fountain of chocolate and a visual experience accented by a dynamic Willy-Wonka-esque score through the audio system. Dove Dark Chocolate is on hand if you’re not satisfied with the ice cream.

Further on, one passes through (yeah, just try passing up the pool of sprinkles…) the pool room, with candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar lining the wall. The next room introduces a variety of ice-cream inspired art, plenty of mirrors and bright colors which just scream “ice cream” (sorry!). We also had a chance to see some multimedia, such as Tinder’s playground to get matched, a small store with a selection of Museum of Ice Cream memorabilia such as an original scooper or Bunn-designed iPhone case, and even a trailer for Fox’s new show Son of Zorn.

We’d definitely suggest swinging by the Museum of Ice Cream as soon as possible, since it’s only up until August 31st, though founder Bunn cedes it may go on if the month goes well. Tickets are $18 for one and $30 for two, click here if for availability and purchase (if you can find a time!).

Museum of Ice Cream

 100 Gansevoort St
New York,  NY 10014

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