Film Review: ‘Whose Streets’

“That Justice is a blind goddess. Is a thing to which we black are wise. Her bandage hides two festering sores. That once perhaps were eyes…”

“Whose Streets”, a gripping and real life documentary directed by Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis rips the bandages off of “blind justice” and shows us the real story of a post- Michael Brown Ferguson Missouri-when all the media cameras disperse.

The groundbreaking documentary follows the personal lives of Ferguson civilians as they become activists by simply trying to stay alive, in the midst of systematic oppression. “Whose Streets” lifts the mask off of the idealistic revolution and shows what happens after the flashing lights fade and the Twitter mentions subside.

A stand out among all of its contemporaries, “Whose Streets,” tells the story of Ferguson first hand from the black perspective. The film will leave you sighing in relief at a chance to finally see the real Ferguson, as told by the city’s future, the youth. While we see various subplots at play within the film, the main message is: this isn’t your Grandfather revolution, now is the time for young people to fight back and take hold.

Age aside, it will be almost impossible to leave this film and return back to your everyday life, instead viewers will leave the theater wanting to go outside and fight for justice. You can watch True story unfold, August 11th.

We screened the film at the Tumblr HQ in NYC.

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