Exclusive: Kyndall Talks BET’s ‘Hit The Floor’

This week, I sat down and spoke with Kyndall Ferguson about her upcoming debut in season four of the BET sensation, ‘Hit the Floor’!

In the upcoming season of Hit The Floor, the steamy series will continue to explore the fame, money, power, and sex in professional basketball through the eyes of the LA Devils and its dance team, the Devil Girls. Fans of the show can expect familiar faces, as well as new dancers and basketball players, who will fight to stake their claim under the red-hot spotlight of Devils Nation. The season four premiere will be on Tuesday, July 1o at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT on BET!

The Knockturnal: In season four, your character Jamie Lawson is introduced, what can fans of the show expect from your character?

Kyndall: I think they should all be prepared to love and hate her at the same time. She’s very driven. She drove from Chicago to L.A just to try out for the devil girls, so she’s kind of a by any means necessary type of young lady. But, that ambition doesn’t make her any less or any cattier. She just had to fight for everything in her life, so she’s got that drive in her.

The Knockturnal: How did you prepare for the role of Jamie Lawson?

Kyndall: Oh, lord! It was a lot of garage workouts. I was like doing core and cardio in my garage, actually, two weeks before we had to shoot. And, I was waist training a lot and I was trying to get fit because I knew dance rehearsals are like eight hours. So, I just wanted to be prepared and I knew that everybody else had done this show for three seasons, so what I didn’t want to do was show up and look crazy because I didn’t have the same training as the other devil girls. So I really was trying to make sure I was kind of on the same level before I showed up.

The Knockturnal: You have some newcomers this season including your character and some other new characters entering at a pivotal point in the show. How do you think these new characters will switch up the dynamics of the show?

Kyndall: I think the dynamics of this show, it’s not going to stay the same, but I think it’s kind of got a lot of the same components as the seasons before. Like, it has: love, sex, money, power, violence. It’s kind of got that whole intrigue and risk still in there. So I think when you do see Teyana’s character who is London and my character who is Jamie, you’re going to get a lot of that same dynamic. It’s not always going to be hating each other, but there’s a little bit of drama in there. Yeah, but I think the rookies add a lot of youthful flare and there’s so more new to see and I think that’s how we’re going to spice it up this season. But, I think Hit The Floor is Hit The Floor like it’s always had that interesting dynamic between the basketball team and the dancers, so I think it’s kind of just like the drama between those two worlds and anything can happen.

The Knockturnal: Hit The Floor has a very talented cast and this upcoming season you got to work with stars like Teyana Taylor, what was your experience like working with Teyana and the rest of the cast?

Kyndall: One thing I noticed is that they’re all like a family. And, it’s just not on set, like when we were done shooting, they go out to out to eat, they go out to drink, parties, they kind of just do everything together which I thought was really sweet because on other sets that I worked on, once you clock out, you go home and you’re done. But, because the show has been running for so long, everyone is so tightly knit and they really do love each other, so that’s one thing that I noticed. But, everybody was so sweet and so open-armed with me, and Teyana, and Court. They were excited to see new people and it wasn’t very intimidating on that front because everyone was so open with us. They were so ready to let us be apart of that family too.

The Knockturnal: Fresh off of the drama from season three, what can fans of the show expect from season four?

Kyndall: Uh, what can I say! There’s a lot of love. There’s a lot of lust. There’s a lot of power struggle. And, I’m going to add violence in there because there’s a little bit of drama there. But, I think whatever fans saw in seasons one, two, and three, what you can expect for season four is that but on steroids. If you add new people, you are forced to up the ante and get crazy. And so like I said everyone is a family, everyone is a family in the storyline too, so not everyone is going to take too kindly to it. Some characters are going to be really open with that, with bringing new people on the team, but for others,it could create a little bit of friction. So, I think whatever you guys expected from seasons one, two, and three, you should expect that but on steroids. It’s crazy.

The Knockturnal: From playing your character this season, what have you learned while playing her?

Kyndall: I think her drive can sometimes be mistaken for her being the mean girl at times. And, what I’ve learned is that in my real life that’s always kind of a thing for me. Like, I’m always really nice and I’m always so approachable and I’m ambitious but I never let my ambition get in the way of my personality. But, Jamie doesn’t give a shit. She’s like my life has been hard and I have got to make this team like she always has that bigger goal once she reaches her first goal. Like once she gets on the squad, she has to do something bigger to top it and she doesn’t really give a shit about how she comes across sometimes. And, I think that’s one thing I’ve taken into my real life to notice like maybe I should be a little bit more like Jamie in that department because she gets things done. And, I think that was her pivotal moment for her character because she learns how to transfer between both worlds of nice and I have to get this done for myself and I can’t really about what anybody else thinks. And, I think for her, at the end of this season she kind of finds that, so she’s not really misunderstood anymore.

The Knockturnal: What has been your favorite moment on set so far?

Kyndall: Oh, I had a lot of those! You know what, it wasn’t really on set, per say, it was the dance rehearsals. But, I mean, it was once you leave set then you go to dance rehearsals. I think the dance rehearsal were my favorite part because they’re extremely hard, there were times that I wanted to cry and I was like telling my husband like look we can turn around now and we don’t have to say anything about this because it really challenged me as a person. And, it really was just the hardest thing physically that I ever had to do. There were moment when we were shooting the dance scenes that I felt like throwing up, and then we would stumble over, and you just couldn’t continue. And what I liked about it was when you’re shooting you had to fix your face and get back into character so it forces you to reach that next level of determination and tap into that other person inside of you that can do no wrong and that doesn’t take no for an answer. And, I think those dance rehearsals really forced me to become that. And, that’s something that I took into my regular life too, offset, because it was just really hard and something I’ve never done before, but once I got through, I learned I could pretty much do anything. Like, if I could do that, and then shoot the dances, and memorizes freaking eighty dances at once, then I could do anything, then everything else is going to be a breeze. And, that was really my favorite part because it changed me personally too.

Season four of Hit The Floor premieres on Tuesday, July 10 at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT and you can check out the trailer for the upcoming season below!

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