Exclusive: Amandla Stanberg, Myha’la Herrold, Lee Pace And Cast talk ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

The rules of Bodies Bodies Bodies is simple, all lights are turned off in David’s (Pete Davidson) remote mansion, and a few slips of paper determines which member of the group is the “killer.”

Once the lights go out, the killer must find a victim by tapping them on the shoulder, who’s then unable to  move or speak. Once a body is encountered, the other participants must scream the titular line: “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” and an interrogation to find out who the killer was ensues. At least, that’s how it was supposed to go at David’s hurricane party, but when the interrogation leads to some harrowing details, things start to take a dramatic turn for the group of college friends who were just looking to have a good time.

Within seconds the fun party game turns into a twisted nightmare and a tragic game of not knowing who to trust. Bodies Bodies Bodies is an intense thriller mystery that delves into the world of fake friendships, modern day struggles and the true meaning of trust, which begs to answer the question; do we really know the people around us? Amandla Stanberg, Pete Davidson, Lee Pace, Rachel Sennott, Maria Bakalova, Chase Sui Wonders and Myha’la Herrold provide incredibly honest portrayals of characters that we can find glimpses of both ourselves and others in, and this film is a can’t-miss event. We sat down with the cast to talk all about it, check out the conversation below!

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