Film Review: ‘Anything’s Possible’

From one’s mindset to the TV screen, Billy Porter has amazed us yet again with another film that has the fans astonished by the relatability, creativity and fashion displayed in his new movie “Anything’s Possible.” Held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music the highly anticipated screening was accompanied by cast members Eva Reign and Abubakar Ali along with press, viewers, family and friends.


The film which has been released to the public July 22, 2022  follows Kelsa, a fashionable transgender high school senior played by Eva Reign cruising her way through her last year of high school while finding more about herself and others around her. Reign’s character in the film uses her free time racking up YouTube subscribers as she shares her story being a young transgender teen in today’s society while also timidly falling for her classmate Khal (Abubaker Ali). Kelsa, whose name originates from the English language “Bravery” has a distinct connection with animals. In the film, she uses the animal names to reflect their eccentric traits. Given the names of each animal they all coincide with the headline “Anythings Possible!”


The film was supported by fans all over the world, many fans including the LGBTQIA+ community shouted out their love for the movie stating that it gave them a sense of familiarity seeing a character like them play as the center stage of the cinema. With wonderful feedback from spectators, one can say the film was a success! With films such as “Anything’s Possible” director Billy Porter certainly sticks to the headline and drives his viewers to live out their wildest dreams, accomplish set goals and stay true to one’s self while doing it fashionably and effortlessly!

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