VIP Preview of ‘Empyrean’ by Raphael Mazzucco in West Hollywood

All across the world from Milan, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, New York, to Los Angeles hundreds have been able to experience the artwork of Raphael Mazzucco.

Thursday night the Knockturnal was able to attend the Official VIP Preview “Empyrean” by Raphael at the Maddox Gallery in West Hollywood to witness his latest exhibit. Join us as we give you a run down on this one of a kind event.

The Maddox Gallery is the latest of London based galleries that has entered North America, more befittingly in the glamour of Beverly Hills. Making it the home of modern and contemporary art, it only made sense for Petra Ecclestone and Sam Palmer to host and debut “Empyrean” here. Throughout the evening guests were enchanted by the art Raphael Mazzucco had created and were even able to hear a few words from him, “I’m blessed to be here and thank you, everyone, for coming”.

The venue was once again packed by art lovers and special guests such as Frankie Delgado, Damon Dash, Guillermo Diaz, Lexi and Allie Kaplan, Michael Moebius, Mr. Brainwash, and of course, Raphael Mazzucco himself. While taking in the details of the art, attendees were enjoying bite-size treats such as crab cakes, french onion tarts, and Caspian Queen Caviar. It was perfectly paired with cocktails at the island bar by Guillotine Vodka.

Partygoers all around the venue were captivated by the intricate details of the artwork, along with the boldness of the statements and beauty in every piece. It would be an honor to be in Raphael Mazzucco’s creations and some guests knew that and were able to get pictures taken with the famous artist. Some were so enthralled with the artwork that they wanted to purchase one of the pictures which ranged anywhere from $20,000 and up.

The debut of “Empyrean” was definitely a sensational night and is a must experience exhibition in West Hollywood that you too can visit now until December 13th!

Photo by Paul Best/Getty Images for Maddox Gallery

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