We Attend A Sneak Peak Of ‘Sleight’

In theaters April 28, 2017, “Sleight,”  the thrilling urban sci-fi film by debut director J. D. Dillard.

The film takes place in Los Angeles with protagonist Bo Wolfe (Jacob Latimore), who makes a living as a street performing magician to take care of his younger sister Tina after the death of his mother and father.

However, Bo is no ordinary street performing magician he captives his audiences with his seemingly supernatural abilities, which leads to him meeting love interest Holly (Seychelle Gabriel). During their first date, Bo realizes he is into Holly but is interrupted by drug dealer friend turned foe Angelo who is giving Bo the immediate opportunity to push product and become, “One the boys” which later becomes one of Bo’s greatest mistakes.

Initially looking to score some extra cash to maintain Bo made the choice to sell drugs for ruthless drug lord Angelo (Dule Hill) to make ends meet. But things rapidly take a turn for the worst when crime and violence become the center of Bo and Angelo’s relationship and he finds himself trapped with everything he loves at stake. Bo then realizes he needs to free himself from the relationship with Angelo.

Sleight embodies imagination, energy, and an all so common narrative but instead of predicable outcomes the film takes the audience on a whirlwind of unexpected events. Director J.D. Dillard and Co-writer Alex Theurer did a great job with the film and all are left wondering if there will be a sequel.

-Trivinski Taylor

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