On The Scene: Willow Kayne’s New York debut

On Tuesday, May 10th, I had the pleasure of attending new breakout artist, Willow Kayne’s, first ever concert in New York.

Willow Kayne is a British sensation who is taking over the pop/punk/hip hop world by storm. 


Location: The Sultan Room, Bushwick Brooklyn

It was 10pm and the anticipation of her arrival was worth the wait. The crowd of influencers, musicians, and new fans were eager to be surrounded by her magical sound. Kayne began by introducing herself and started singing her first song. The sound waves filled the room as the colorful background changed with each note she sang. I was quite impressed with her stage presence and impact.-

Willow Kayne is 20 years old and to have this much experience so young is very inspiring. She likes to live young, wild and free, unapologetically being herself and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about her. I was very intrigued with her song “copycat” which was about people who let jealousy get the best of them. Kayne is very uplifting and sheds light on her experiences being in her teens as well as entering her 20’s. Everyone was dancing along to her being so flawless on stage. Willow Kanye’s style was what I was also so interested in as well. Kayne rocked an oversized vintage Dennis Rodman T-shirt, Bermuda baggy jeans, and layers of jewelry, and a spice girls hairstyle that completed her punk rock aesthetic. She is a star and I love the crossover impact she has being from the UK. Im looking forward to what else she brings to the music scene.


To have such an impact and voice at such a young age, can only show that her career will take her very far in life.  Her concert lasted only about an hour, but within that time span, I felt like I was brought back to being carefree and dancing in my room as a teen with the music on full blast. I appreciate when artists give you the feeling of being “alive”. I’m so happy that she building a fan base, curating her personal sound and style, being positive, and living life to the fullest, I wish her the very best and hope to attend another one of her concerts soon.



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