On The Scene: Curlfest Atlanta 2019

Curlfest Atlanta 2019



Bold describes the attitudes, personalities and spirits of those in attendance. Bright describes the colors in the fashions, and the looks in the eyes of those there. Beautiful describes every single person that was in attendance! On Saturday, September 21, 2019 I had a chance to attend Curlfest Atlanta. With this wonderful tour, of a celebration of being your own unique self and embracing your curls, being in Atlanta, GA for the first time, as expected the turnout was amazing!

Curly Girl Collective, which is a group of five women celebrating authenticity and being your natural self, started in 2014. The five founders are Melody Henderson, Simone Mair, Charisse Higgins, Gia Lowe, and Tracey Coleman. Sitting on the stage rocking beautiful cloths and amazing hairstyles, the group discussed what it meant to start Curly Girl Collective and Curlfest. It was explained that it does not mean just rocking your natural girls but just being comfortable in the skin you are in and being your true authentic self, regardless of what that looks like. Curlfest was created with little black girls in mind to have positive images and celebrating just that!

There were vendors from all over, collectively in Candler Park to offer things from hair care, hair accessories, fashions and finances. The list of vendors included Aunt Jackie’s, Cantu, Fro Babies, Chase Bank, Target, Soap and many other local artists and seamstress who were displaying their appreciation for culture and all that they had to offer. Seeing all the beautiful melanated people gathered in one positive space celebrating each other brings one word to mind… UNITY!

I truly enjoyed sharing space and my afternoon with everyone who attended Curlfest Atlanta 2019. I racked up on so many goodies for my family and me and look forward to being in attendance again next year!


Written By: Whitney J. (@__whitney.j)

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