Nick Graham Presents ‘LIFE ON MARS’ #NYFWM Collection

We’re at NY Fashion Week, at the Nick Graham show, all about Mars. Read the review!

 The Nick Graham show was spacious. This is meant literally. The room at Skylight Clarkson Square was enormous and only a fraction of it was used. A wall-sized projector featured slow-moving galaxies, nebulas, stars and planets, accented by ebbing and flowing ambient New Age music. Then, a “surface” of mars, then the runway. Finally, a wall of people. The view is interesting and involved, the wall of people, looking out into the unknown. In a way, the show is the edge of what we know. Extrapolating further, the show as a study in the boundaries of fashion. I stood behind the crowd, the universe coming at me, but how about the clothes? Are they of cosmic quality?
Not yet! First, a chat from celebrity Bill Nye, wearing a tuxedo jacket made of stardust. He introduced the theme of the show: life on mars. And a small aside that stepped into the political, an oblique reference to the current events that could definitely make you think about taking a break from earth. So maybe the show is a perfectly timed political escapist project.

Frosted hair, glistening jewels, smiles, the ultimate tailored suits in stardust, even polka dots. Tuxedos with an elegant lapel, even some more casual rockstar moments, a looser cut. The looks are all new but thoroughly Nick Graham. The turtleneck is essential in Mars, it is colder after all, and so is a decidedly American paisley. A detail of a metal belt for a shocking surprise. A small LED pin is a simple detail to bring a new involvement. These suits were finished in none other than the occasional combat boot, which, of course, Mars will have its share of conflicts. Remember Pizza Planet from Toy Story? You’ll find that logo all over satin suits and neckties, too. There’s a cheekiness in this interpretation of luxury and Mars, and with our endorsement wholeheartedly.

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