New Music Roundup: Releases You May Have Missed

This week, we have hot new tunes from Gian Varela, Jay Pryor, Kahani, Kadebostany, and more.


Two leaders in their respective scenes – Gian Varela in the Latin American pop/dance and Steve Andreas in the Dutch house space – have joined forces for an electrifying global house record, “Veneno.” Meaning “poison” in Spanish, “Veneno” certainly packs a bite, fusing Varela’s unmistakably Latin pop and guaracha influence with Andreas’ tropical house twang. Varela has consistently put out uplifting records that are always designed with the dance-floor in mind. In efforts to symbolize the near-end of the global pandemic, and the promise of a much brighter tomorrow, he is now at the starting line of a new string of music, TikTok content, and events that he has in the pipeline for 2022. Although the world has shifted dramatically since he first broke into the music space, Varela’s mission has always remained the same: to bring joy to the global community through the power of music.


Here at The Knockturnal, we love a slice of fresh, new disco and Jay Pryor absolutely hit the mark with his latest single, “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.” The Dublin-born, LA-based artist has quickly become synonymous with quality and far-reaching versatility as a producer. A reflection of his musical burgeoning, Jay Pryor’s “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now” is a colorful ode to his late mother and her faithful trust in his artistic endeavors. A reimagining of McFadden & Whitehead’s 1979 hit, Jay Pryor’s rendition of  “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now” is a club-ready cut armed with funky, nu-disco grooves and a syrupy swing. 


Emerging talent Kahani’s sound can be described as a cinematic soundscape, often molded into various blends of Electronic and World music. Inspired by the diverse musical culture of New York City, he founded his imprint label and collective, Nonresident, showcasing emerging diaspora talent and giving them a foundation to collaborate on top-caliber releases. Now expanded with his series Indo Warehouse, Kahani is creating a new platform for diaspora artists worldwide. His latest release, “Ranjha,” fuses South Asian vocals with a rhythmic deep house sound. With a groove-inducing rhythm at the forefront, the offering perfectly captures the talent’s innovative sound design, creating a one-of-a-kind listening experience.


Japan-based DJ/producer Yamato returns with his biggest release yet, his 4-track Essentials EP. Having worked for Pioneer as a technical developer of Pioneer CDJ series, he has an unrivaled competitive advantage few other artists can touch. A keen sense of songwriting, a brand-savvy skillset, and an ability to surround himself with the right team makes it clear as to why he’s achieved so much in his internationally acclaimed career. Featuring Mike Macdermid, the titular track is a melodic piano-house number that  launches with a shining, heavenly disposition. “Reflection” taps Poe Leos for a diverse, rhythmic cut that oozes divine femininity. “YOU”  pushes the EP on a dark and mysterious turn, representing one of the most experimental and technical tune on the tracklist. Finally, “Neon Lights” – the 2nd collaboration with Mike Macdermid – acts as a natural closer, providing a reflective, full-circle moment that is intrinsically embedded through the design of this song.


Renowned avant-pop producer/composer Kadebostany returns with his first offering of the year, “Two Lovebirds In A Cage.” Joining forces with Turkish singer Sena Sener, known for hit singles “Feel,” and “Fly Above” his latest blends 70 sound aesthetics with delicate electronic productions, electrified by Sener’s rare and powerful vocals. The genre-bending Kadebostany has been shaping his modern vision of pop music for a decade now, and multiplying equally unexpected and exciting collaborations. Encompassing the spirit of a 70s pop song with its nostalgia, classy vintage guitars, and dusty keyboards, revitalized in a stylish and ultra-modern pop anthem, “Two Lovebirds in a Cage” is no exception to the Kadebostany rule.

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