John Galliano Presents Spring Summer 2018 Collection

John Galliano Spring-Summer 2018 collection presented a “beautiful embrace of the bad girl” at Paris Fashion Week.

Held at the beautiful Hotel Le Marois, the runway started at the lobby threshold and then winded through three rooms upstairs. A remixed soundtrack paying homage to John Walter’s romance musical, “Cry Baby” echoed throughout, highlighting the infamous line, “You’re cool Allison; you just look square.” The tease of this refined bad girl was apparent in the silk slip dresses with delicate lace trim. Petal prints and prom dresses intermingled lingerie with colorful pastels.  The collection channeled a certain softness that is needed for any bad girl makeover.

We spoke with Christelle Coquet, the MAC’s lead make up artist behind the look. She highlighted that it was very simple on purpose and is a look that girl can duplicate at home. 

“The inspiration came from a group of girls that are friends that are going out together and doing their makeup by themselves. So we chose to do five different looks because when you’re with your friends you don’t all do the exact same make up. But we only used a black pencil. We kept the skin very raw, we drew something on the eye kind of like a funky new wave look. We added a little bit of strobe to catch the light but that’s the only thing we really did to the skin. The key product was a black pencil in not a nice way, like how young girls would experiment with makeup, very fast, m very quick and imperfect on purpose.”

Products Used:


Mineralize Concealer where needed applied with #221 brush

Gold Strobe Cream on cheekbones


Curl lashes with lash curler

Top with brow set clear


Lip Conditioner

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