Exclusive: Pop Sensation Jena Rose Talks Her New Single “Being Good is Boring” [Interview]

Check out our exclusive interview with singer Jena Rose on her new single, “Being Good is Boring”

Your new favorite pop sensation Jena Rose has released her new single “Being Good is Boring”. This song is exactly what you want from a pop song and more with the sultry vocals, addictive melody, and message of not taking yourself too seriously. I had the pleasure of interviewing this native Texan independent artist Jena Rose and she had a lot to say about her music, her new song, and what she has to come for the future. To find out more, check out the full interview and the “Being Good is Boring” music video below!

The Knockturnal: I noticed on your TikTok that you’ve coined your new single “Being Good is Boring” as a sort of summer anthem. Did you go into the creative process trying to create a summer jam or did that happen along the way?

Jena Rose: “Being Good is Boring” is for those who want to experience life without any regrets. It’s about having fun with your friends and dancing all night and then doing it again the next day. After a long lockdown and being separated from one another, I wanted to create a song that reunited us – a feeling we’ve all long forgotten. Summer is about hanging out with friends, having fun and experiencing life to the fullest so I created this song for friends to jam to as they are getting ready for a night out or belt out in their cars with the windows rolled down.

The Knockturnal: I know you recently performed at Wango Tango, do you have any future plans for live performances?

Jena Rose: I will share some performance dates soon.

The Knockturnal: You mentioned on TikTok that young Jena would be extremely proud of where you are now. Is there anything you would tell yourself 10 years ago?

Jena Rose: I’ve always been obsessed with music, even as a little girl. I knew I wanted a career in music and never questioned that for a second.  When I was nine years old, I did my first performance at the House of Blues. I was so nervous, my hands were shaking, and I did not know if I was going to be able to sing in front of the audience. But everything changed the second I walked on stage and started to perform – I became a different person and from that moment on, I knew what I was destined to do. If I were able to go back and give her some advice, I would tell that little girl that she has what it takes within her, and to just believe in herself and her journey. Confidence in myself is what got me to where I am today, and I would never change that.

The Knockturnal: Lastly, I loved how your song Checkmate was inspired by The Queen’s Gambit. Could you ever see yourself writing music about another show or film like that again?

Jena Rose: I love how The Queen’s Gambit is centered around a female protagonist and the show really inspired me to create a powerful anthem for all of those who feel unheard or unseen. A lot of the inspiration behind my songs is to create a space where girls feel comfortable as themselves. I believe that authentic female storytelling is crucial in today’s society. We are now seeing more and more female film and TV screenwriters, directors, and executive producers. As long as there is a space for women to have the platform and the freedom to tell their stories, I will always feel inspired to write more music in celebration of that.



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