Exclusive: Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, H. John Benjamin and The Cast Of The Bob’s Burgers Movie Talk All Things Bob’s Burgers [Video]

Since the premiere of their iconic show in 2011, we’ve all fallen in love with the Belcher family, and their struggling restraunt, Bob’s Burgers. From the moment he opened the first episode with his famous line “You’re my family, and I love you, but you’re all terrible” we’ve gotten to know so much about Bob’s passionate but loveably grim personality. We’ve been charmed by Gene’s lovable music making, slightly horrified at Louise’s adventures, and rode with Tina on all of her journeys through teenage girlhood.  And now fans can look forward to seeing even more of the Belchers, as they come to the big screen with their release of The Bob’s Burgers Movie!

The movie has everything you could ever want in a movie, the bob’s burgers gang that you know a love, a massive sinkhole, magical horses, carnival games, and a murder mystery. On top of that, it’s a musical. I didn’t think there would ever be something that I loved more than the original Bob’s Burgers episodes, but the movie truly takes the cake in terms of lovable entertainment, and we could not possibly recommend it more.

Though the key part of the movie is trying to solve a murder mystery, to John Roberts, the most important mystery was trying to figure out weather or not Madonna has seen their iconic show. We had the most amazing opportunity to sit down with this incredible cast and talk all about the new movie! Check it out below!!

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