Skinney Med Spa Fills the Gap in the Luxury Retail Experience

Skinney Med Spa has a new vision of shifting the customer experience away from a traditional clinical atmosphere.  Their new partnership with Saks is set to establish them as an accessible luxury experience.

Located in the second floor beauty section, Skinney Med Spa offers customers the flexibility of fitting their range of offerings into their shopping schedule.  You’re welcomed into their new beauty space with a team of knowledgeable staff who walk you through the procedure.

I was escorted to their rooms where my first Botox treatment was met with a minor pinch and a few red spots that faded within the hour. Results occur in a week and last upwards to three or four months.  The whole experience start to finish lasted 30 minutes with time to do some browsing on the 3rd floor before dinner.

I’m drawn to this new retail concept of luxury on the go. A customer can easily insert any procedure into their daily routine. This pivot helps debunk the myths of medical procedures by making them accessible to the everyday shopper.

Make sure to follow more Skinney Med Spa @skinneymedspa for events they will be hosting at Saks. procedures. SKINNEY Medspa is the first and only medical spa offering injectables in a luxury department store. Founded in 2010, SKINNEY Medspa quickly became nationally recognized as a top provider of aesthetic treatments such as Coolsculpting, Emsculpt +
Morpheus8, with an exclusive partnership with Biologique Recherche.

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