Exclusive: Kevin Liles Hosted a Fireside Chat with Reverend Al Sharpton to Discuss Black Music & Moving the Culture Forward

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Music legend and 300 CEO Kevin Liles hosted a fireside chat with Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss various topics which affect Black and Brown communities. 

Tamika Mallory opened the event and shared a few words about the impact Liles and Sharpton have displayed in their respective fields. For years Liles and Sharpton have dedicated their careers to spreading knowledge and using their voices to uplift and shed light on the ongoing fight for Black freedom. The two took part in a 45-minute conversation to speak on numerous issues and current events that have contributed to the continuous division in America. Hours before the event on June 24th, the supreme court overturned Roe vs. Wade, which protected a women’s right to an abortion. The pair shared their thoughts on the decision and spoke about the importance of voting. 


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Sharpton stated, “The reason why they did us in with Roe v. Wade this morning is Donald Trump put three people on the Supreme Court. It’s just that simple. If Donald Trump had not been president, he couldn’t have done that.” 

Liles also spoke about the lack of voting within Black and Brown communities and alluded that many stopped voting after Barack Obama became president. He states, “Because, after eight years of him, I knew something wasn’t going to be right, whether we had the right candidate or not. Trump got in office because we did not vote.”  


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The two continued to discuss various topics and individuals, such as James Brown Inspiring Sharpton’s Hairstyle, Russell Simmons pushing Liles to become a Music Executive, Black music, etc. The entire event was filled with conversations, stories, and laughter. 

The discussion took place at Nasdaq Marketplace in New York City.


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