Exclusive: Country Singer-Songwriter Jessie James Decker and Malibu Rum Partnered Up for the Secret Escape Competition [Interview]

Country Singer-Songwriter Jessie James Decker and Malibu Rum partnered up to create the Secret Escape competition. 

The covid-19 pandemic restricted people from traveling and trying new activities. As we slowly return to a transformed version of normalcy, people have begun doing things they once did. According to Tripadvisor, 71% of people in the US have stated they are likely to travel for leisure in 2022. The Secret Escape competition will send three different winners and their friends on a fully planned vacation. They have curated different vacation itineraries inspired by some of Decker’s favorite US destinations, which have all been coordinated by Pack Up + Go. This competition will offer the selected individuals a spontaneous trip without the stress of planning.

In addition to the partnership with Decker, Sourced Craft Cocktails has created a Malibu Piña Colada Cocktail Kit, which contains everything needed to shake up or blend the perfect piña colada. They also have the Just Add Malibu Cocktail Bundle, which includes Bay Breeze and Mojito ingredients. These kits allow people to get the ingredients delivered to their door to recreate these easy-to-follow drink recipes. 


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The Knockturnal spoke with Decker about this partnership and some of the things contestants can expect if they win. 

The Knockturnal: Can you tell me a little bit about this collaboration?

Jessie James Decker: Yeah so this is the Secret Escape collab with Malibu and I was really excited to partner with them because I love to travel. I love to go on vacation. I love to explore new cities. I grew up a military kid so I moved all the time. And so I would love to stay in new places. And so the idea of me being able to send three different people and their friends on a vacation somewhere just was really exciting for me because I want people to have a good time and explore. It’s been a crazy couple years so I’m like, let’s send y’all somewhere fun. And so I put together a list of places that I personally love to send them on but here’s the deal: no one’s gonna know where they’re going. That’s why it’s a secret.

The Knockturnal: What’s your favorite place to travel to?

Jessie James Decker:  Oh, my goodness, that is such a hard question. I think anywhere that there’s a beach, like the ocean in the water. That is like my heart just, I don’t know what it is. My soul just heals. I just feel at peace. I feel so relaxed. So anywhere that there’s an ocean, whether it’s in San Diego or Florida. That’s like where I want to be.

The Knockturnal:  Personally I fall into the group of people who hate planning and one of the great things about this partnership is that whoever wins everything is already planned for them. So can you tell me what are some of the things that have been planned? 

Jessie James Decker: I can’t tell you anything. But I will say you’re 100% right. That is what’s so great about this is you literally pack your bags and that’s it. You don’t have to plan anything, you don’t have to handle schedules, you don’t have to handle timing – for me that is what is so stressful is people who just don’t love planning and this takes care of that for you. And I think it’s kind of fun, if you’re like a spontaneous person. I would personally if I wasn’t even doing this contest with Malibu I would be someone that would sign up because I’d be like I would love just surprise me like, where are we going?

The Knockturnal: Due to the pandemic people were stuck inside for about 2 years, unable to go anywhere, what do you hope for the goal to be with this competition? 

Jessie James Decker: I hope that it is just a carefree, enjoyable experience. I want you to bring along people who care about you the most and just let loose and enjoy yourself. Have a pina colada you know, whatever it may be. I just want people to enjoy themselves because it’s been tough. It’s been a tough couple years and you know, we’re all getting back out into the world. And that’s why this is perfect timing.

The Knockturnal: Tell me a little bit about the Malibu cocktail kits.

Jessie James Decker: Yeah, so there’s actually these cocktail kits that you can purchase. I have it written down here so I don’t forget it’s sourcedcraftcocktails.com. There’s like a pina colada kit, there’s a mojito kit, there’s all these little kits you can get where everything’s just kind of done for you. If you’re not like a bartender at heart. It takes the work out for you. That’s what’s great about Malibu in general, they’re just handling things.

The Knockturnal: Do you have a favorite cocktail set?

Jessie James Decker: I would have to say I like mojitos. That would probably be my vibe but also a good little pina colada on the ocean. You know you can’t get mad at that.

The Knockturnal: Do you have any future projects releasing soon?

Jessie James Decker: Well, speaking of you know, cocktails, and things, I have another cookbook in the works and I’m really excited. I’m finalizing the last touches on my third book, and that will be out next fall. And I’ve got to do the shoot for it. I’m just so excited. I love cooking. I love creating there’ll be a whole cocktail chapter in there actually, but I just love being in the kitchen. I love feeding people. So I’m just super excited about this next book.

The Knockturnal: What’s your go-to meal to cook?

Jessie James Decker: So like my easy go-to meal like to whip something up. It’s like a chili, you know, or a pasta. But if there’s a meal that I need to like to really impress somebody or go win a contest over which I’ve actually done before it would be a seafood gumbo. Hands down I make the best seafood gumbo and I literally won the contest. I think I was on Rachael Ray and I won a contest with it. So I’m very very, very confident in that recipe.

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