Exclusive: Cast and Creators Talk ‘The Wire’ 20th Anniversary

‘The Wire’ celebrates it’s 20th anniversary earlier this month, as one of the most groundbreaking drama series of the 21st century.

Located in West Baltimore, the drug-infested streets and the corruption of City Hall show the gritty lifestyle of flawed characters the audience has grown to love and the corruption of law enforcement who are trusted in the city to combat street crime.

Actors Clarke Peters “Det. Lester Freamon”, Jim True-Frost “Det. Roland ‘Prez” Pryzbylewski” and Lance Reddick “Lt. Cedric Daniels” talks more about their on-set chemistry as co-stars working in law enforcement and the biggest impact they feel the show has had.

Actors Jamie Hector “Marlo Stanfield”, and Andre Royo “Bubbles” talk more about the impact of playing deeply flawed characters that were engaging and relatable for audiences to see. More activities coordinated to commemorate the legacy of this series features a ‘The Wire: 20th Anniversary Spotlight Page’, launched on HBO Max, to allow fans to jump right back into their favorite episodes from the series, as well as a spotlight page that features cast playlists with key episodes for each character! The spotlight page will also feature curations of other programs from the creators of the series. In addition to this, a ‘The Wire at 20’ podcast hosted by musician and actor Method Man will look back on the show to unpack the complex themes, its powerful storyline, and celebrate the legacy!

For more on what each cast member has shared in their interviews, be sure to view on our Youtube page linked above! To the cast, crew, and fans who enjoy worldwide, Happy Anniversary to The Wire!

The Wire is available to own on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital and to stream on HBO Max.

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