Bodvár House of Rosé Throws Lush, Pastoral National Rosé Day Event

Photo: Julie Logan

Did I dream this event? It still feels like I haven’t woken up. Bodvár House of Rosé hosted a private luncheon and DJ reception to celebrate National Rosé day, and celebrate we did.

I ponied up to the bar as soon as I arrived, ready to try both the signature cocktail and the frozé, each served in Godinger National Rosé Day glasses.

Both were as crisp as the sky was blue; lovely, light yet piquant notes matched the picturesque yet gaudy environs.

Photo: Julie Logan

CEOs Ann and Bodvár Hafstrom raised a toast to their elegant dinner guests, thanking us for coming and wishing us well.

Lunch was divine, a summery blend of watermelon salads, ostentatious fruit flights and perfectly cooked meats. It felt like being on a film set, except we were allowed to eat the food. Thank heavens.

DJ SUNNFORS took us toward dusk with some of finest mixes I’ve heard outside of a techno club. They delivered a sensational mix of alternative r&b, post-punk and house, a winning combination if there ever was one.


Photo: Julie Logan

We danced the night away, I had more charcuterie, and we all left with a limited edition Bodvár Basket Beach Bag, featuring items from partners like Alice and Olivia.

Let’s do it again this weekend?

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