We chat with Luke Hemsworth and Old Spice; now featuring the Swagger Gel.

Actor Luke Hemsworth and celebrity groomer Benjamin Thigpen join Old Spice to teach guys how to achieve a “Hair” of confidence with the grooming brand's line-up of hair styling products and shampoos, including new Swagger Gel, at Made Man Barbershop in New York, Thursday, May 11, 2017. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Old Spice/AP Images)

We dropped into Made Man barbershop in NYC for a chance to check out what’s happening at Old Spice with new Swagger Gel and catch up with Luke Hemsworth.

Old Spice has released the new Swagger Gel, which we sampled with Benjamin Thigpen, who’s styled pretty much any guy you care about. Thigpen walked us through how to properly use gel- and I’ve been doing it all wrong. It actually involves incorporating it into a mix of pomade or putty in order to access it’s full effect- minimal shine but texture that lasts all day, especially when used to accent just the ends of hair. Thigpen tipped us off again by suggesting only a pea sized amount of product is really needed as too many guys coat their hair in the stuff; looking heavy and wet in hot weather and too stiff in cold. Swagger Gel is available where hair product is sold; and I’ve started incorporating it into my shorter cut for a bit of extra texture and height.

Check out the interview with Luke Hemsworth which, frankly, got emotional toward the end! Oh, to be an actor! He’s just picked up a new lead role in the coming Sci-fi film “Encounter”, as well as continuing on the celebrated Westworld.

The Knockturnal: How’s your day going?

Luke Hemsworth: Good, yeah thanks. How’s yours?

The Knockturnal: Good. Thanks. Quickly, what’s in your hair presently?

Luke Hemsworth: Little bit of the paste and a bit of the putty.

The Knockturnal: Do you devote a lot of effort to your hair?

Luke Hemsworth:  No, I’m more of a let-it-go. So if I go for a surf, and I get out it looks good. So that me, constantly trying to recreate the look like I just got out of the surf.

The Knockturnal: Oh that’s the ultimate look! You are a professional actor, and you’re acting presently on Westworld. How do you get into character?

Luke Hemsworth: The character is a bit little bit of me coming through, pays a little more attention to his hair. He’s a little more regimented than me. I think it’s got a lot to do with shoes and boots- when I put on his boots I walk different. That’s the easiest way to transform.

The Knockturnal: Do you do voice exercises or anything to prepare?

Luke Hemsworth:  I think we all do it- it’s like sport- you’ve got to warm up and your voice is part of you- it’s a tool, it’s something that needs to be worked and stretched. There are things I do if I have time- it’s physical and emotional.

The Knockturnal: How long have you been acting?

Luke Hemsworth: In a something in grade six, then it stuck with me in high school, then studied drama at university, and studio art. Studied at the National Institute in Australia.

The Knockturnal: Was there a time you thought “this isn’t it, I gotta stop”.

Luke Hemsworth: There’s a lot of doubt and you’ve got to deal with a lot of rejection as an actor. Its a parallel to sport again. You’re competing, battling and battling. Never really reaching the top, for me. Even today, you feel you don’t deserve to be here.

The Knockturnal: Sounds oppressive.

Luke Hemsworth: You learn to deal with it. You face the failure over and over and you either address that or fade away.

The Knockturnal: Oh my god… so anyway, you’ll continue on Westworld?

Luke Hemsworth: I hope so!

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