Vitaminwater Mercury Retrograde Shelter

Have you been feeling in a funk for the past few weeks?

Have your relationships or technology devices come crashing down lately? Well, I have good news for you… you can blame it on Mercury Retrograde, but what exactly is that you might ask? Scientifically speaking, Mercury Retrograde is an out of this world optical illusion when the planet Mercury appears to revolve backwards around the Sun. This celestial phenomenon occurs three times a year for about two or three weeks. From an astrological point of view, Mercury Retrograde is cosmic chaos! During this period, we are likely to experience disruption or delays in our communication, relationships, transportation, or technology devices. 

Thankfully, today is the final day of Mercury Retrograde for awhile and I want to share with you an incredible experience that helped me cope through this difficult time. Last weekend I spent my Saturday at the Vitaminwater Mercury Retrograde Shelter in Brooklyn. It was a pop-up workshop filled with tips and tricks on ways to combat Mercury Retrograde. The shelter was set up in Domino Park and broken down into six separate rooms. Each workstation was tailored around a strategy on how to combat Mercury Retrograde and paired up with a unique Vitaminwater flavor to keep you nourished throughout this immersive experience.  

Visitors received a wide variety of exercises on ways to combat this period… from receiving dance lessons from celebrity choreographers to soothing and relaxing sound baths from a sound healer. The most satisfying and cathartic experience for me was “Experience 4: Say Goodbye to the Past.” In this workshop, I was told to write down a specific worry or narrative I’ve held onto that no longer serves me onto a piece of paper. Afterwards, I shredded that piece of paper on a small stage and saw my outdated narrative get ripped into pieces. The Vitaminwater drink paired with this experience was called “Vitaminwater focus” which supports normal neurological function.  I felt so reenergized and re-centered after this exercise. It also attracted some good luck because  Halle Bailey, from the R&B duo, Chloe X Halle, made a surprise appearance at the shelter! 

If any of you felt the pressures of this past Mercury Retrograde weigh heavily on you, I highly recommend trying this paper exercise at home and be on the lookout for any future events hosted by Vitaminwater. The next time Mercury will go into retrograde will be in the fall!


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