Exclusive: Vanessa Rubio Talks About The Future of Carmen in ‘Cobra Kai'[Video]

The YouTube turned Netflix series Cobra Kai is back for its third season.

We caught up with one of the show’s stars, Vanessa Rubio, who plays Carmen, to chat about her character’s evolution in the current season, her future for upcoming seasons, and of course, what is it like to share the screen with Johnny.  Plus, we asked her if she felt like she was missing out on all the karate action and training.

“First off, I love Carmen. She’s such a beautiful character to play and dig into.  She just keeps evolving in this really beautiful way,” Rubio remarked about her character Carmen. Spoiler alert! In this season, Carmen’s character faces many challenges as her son Miguel tries to regain his strength and walk again all while developing a somewhat secretive, romantic relationship with Johnny.  Addressing the elephant in the room, Rubio was quick to remark, “I would love to see her flesh out the complicated feelings that she has for Johnny.” As for more wishes for her character in the future, Rubio says, “I would love to see her [Carmen] dance more. I would love to see her get her sense of power back…have fun you know. Miguel is out of the wheelchair.”

Speaking of power back, we had to press Rubio about her experience in the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai world. We had to ask her, given the fact that her character doesn’t necessarily practice the art of karate, does she feel like she’s missing out on some seriously awesome karate skills and training? Also, would she ever want to see Carman take down some bad guys and make some moves? Rubio simply said, “for sure, I would love to get training!” She noted that as an actor she would really love to get the opportunity to train and practice some real kick-ass choreography. As far as her character, she couldn’t help but acknowledge the fact that if Carmen ever received the training and was given the opportunity, she “would be a badass!”

Cobra Kai’s season three is currently on Netflix. The series is rumored to be in production on its fourth season.

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