Scarlett Johansson Bares All For ‘Ghost in the Shell’

The trailer of Scarlett Johansson’s new movie, Ghost in The Shell, premiered recently, and she’s seen baring it all. The matrix-like superhero film will leave you itching to see more if you’re into the science fiction genre, after watching the trailer.

The movie has been adapted from Japanese manga series, and you’ll see photographic depictions of the series throughout the trailer.

The plot line seems to be focused on uncovering one’s background story, and is action packed with diverse characters from Gieshas to robot-like beings. Director Rupert Sanders leaves a lot to the imagination, and sparks curiosity with the trailer.

Johnsson plays The Major, who is a cyborg field commander. She must find a way to  lead her task force to fight cyber criminals. But like most superhero movies, they’re faced with new enemies throughout the film, who she uncovers and now must fight.

Ghost in the Shell was originally filmed as a full anime movie in 1995 and was mainly in Japanese. Johansson’s role and Sanders direction bring the movie alive to Hollywood, making it more realistic, as if the world were living in an alternate dimension.

Johanssan’s trailer is similar to other action films, but exciting to the eye.

Ghost in the Shell is set for release in March 31, 2017.

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