Restaurant Review: Antidote in Williamsburg

Antidote, a Dim Sum / Sichuan hotspot in Williamsburg, just launched Jazz Nights on the first and third Wednesday of every month. With a plethora of exuberant cocktails and mouth-watering dishes lining their menu, Antidote has been calling our name for a while now and we couldn’t wait to check it out.


We stopped by on the first Wednesday of August to sample their tasty small plates and catch some live jazz! It was actually the first installment of jazz nights at Antidote, which launched as a new restaurant only 5 months ago, and we had a blast.

We started off our night by ordering drinks from their house menu – the Drunk in Love, a lychee puree-rose cocktail with a gold filigree leaf detail, was absolutely beautiful and tasted sweet, floral, and light. We also tried the Cloudy Enigma, a classic hit for gin lovers with a splash of grapefruit. The Chai-spresso was a unique take on the ever-popular espresso martini, with smoky mezcal and spiced chai to add depth. The last cocktail we tried, the Flu Shot, was our favorite: a yuzu-heavy prosecco cocktail that brightened our meal with its citrusy punch and bubbles. 


The first dish we tried was the Sichuan Cold Noodle – a zingy, spicy noodle dish with sesame and green onion, it was an impeccable appetizer. A few bites of this primed us for the flavorful dishes to come, and the spice satisfied that quintessential Sichuan craving. From the dim sum menu, we loved the Siu Mai with Tea-Smoked Duck and the Crab and Pork Soup Dumplings. To freshen up our meal, we tried the Wood Ear Mushroom Salad, which is poached and mixed with chili and lemon sauce.

Another item we tried was the Honey Glazed Short Ribs – the day we went they had a different flavor spin on their menu staple, the Sweet & Sour Ribs. Juicy, tangy, and tender, these ribs were substantial and delicious. Exactly right for when you want an indulgent complement to a light meal. For us, though, the indulgence was about to reach another level. The main event of our meal arrived next: the Dongpo Pork. Scored and glazed to a level of food-magazine worthy perfection, the tender pork layered with rich fat on top absolutely melts in your mouth and is a must-try at Antidote. 


After our meal, we learned a bit about the place’s origins from Rudi. The four owners have been in the restaurant business for eight years, and are Indonesian, European, Chinese, and Taiwanese, respectively. They’re all passionate about good fusion cuisine, focusing on making food taste incredible rather than sticking to traditional recipes just for the sake of tradition. To create Antidote, they transformed what was previously an abandoned warehouse near Domino Park into an industrial-chic dining establishment. We can’t wait to go back to Antidote to try some more of the menu items, and if you make your reservation soon, here are some of Rudi’s favorite dishes to spark inspiration:

  • Wood Leaf Mushroom Salad
  • Wontons in Chili Sauce
  • Siu Mai with Smoked Duck
  • Fish with Spicy Bean Paste
  • Antidote Curry Fried Rice


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