Painting a Masterpiece Moment – Inside The Watermill Center’s Summer Benefit

To step inside the gates of The Watermill Center this weekend was to be transported to a magical realm full of wonder and surprise.

On July 30, the beloved art center’s 30th anniversary Summer Benefit took place with the presentation of STAND. Presented by Van Cleef & Arpels, the soiree was an adventure for the mind that took a journey alongside the attributes that make such events in the Hamptons divine.

Starry sightings of such guests and board members included art and fashion world luminaries as Barbara Graustark, Carl Adams, Fern Mallis, Lee Fryd, Paul Austin, Young Paris, Cameron Silver, Chris Coffee, Tatiana Platt, Yan Assoun, Jean Shafiroff, Polina Proshkina and Stacy Engman.

BFA (Jason Crowley)

The night featured unique performances, installations, exhibitions that guests enjoyed as they sipped on cocktails and indulged in small bites from a local Chef, Colin Ambrose.

The fruitful display of art combined with the breathtaking views of the surrounding nature showcased a powerful impact that created memories for a lifetime. STAND took inspiration from English writer, H.G Well’s assertion for renewal “if you fell down yesterday, stand up today,” which allowed for the Watermill Center to acknowledge the international need for solidarity and the unprecedented challenges that many are confronting nationally and globally.

BFA (Jason Crowley)

Exhibitions by various artists at STAND included Adam Parker Smith’s outdoor Sarcophagi sculpture series, on view through 2023. Also, on display were the tremendous articles of cast bronze sculptures produced by artist Liz Glynn. Based on Auguste Rodin’s structures from her project, The Myth of Singularity, they stood proudly along the pathway that welcomed guests to the party that heightened senses and awareness to soaring heights.

Toward the end of the night as the sun began to set in the horizon, artist Tsubasa Kato presented his evolving participatory installation/action Pull and Raise.

BFA (Jason Crowley)

Working in unity, attendees took on the monumental task and brought the structure upright and to life.

BFA (Jason Crowley)

There was something so beautifully captivating to see the action take place. A group of people coming together to accomplish a task was a battle cry needed to be heard in a year like ours. With so much hardship and fighting in the world around us today, it was nice to take a moment to see what togetherness produces.

The purpose of art is to make you think – to make your imagination soar to new heights. This is precisely what STAND delivered on this phenomenal night in the Hamptons.

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