P1HARMONY: The Boy Group Everyone Needs to Look Out For

K-pop is always changing with tens of hundreds of groups debuting every year, causing many to oftentimes get lost in the surge of debuts. Having a group debut that makes a hard-hitting impression that cements their group in the eyes of millions is no easy task, but P1Harmony is one of the groups that did exactly that. The six-member male group consisting of Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob has already completed two U.S. Showcases, collabed with Pink Sweat$, done countless live performances, sang the Korean national anthem at the LAFC Game at Banc of California Stadium, and most recently completed a sold out “Peace Tour” with over 10 different stops. It’s hard to believe with this impressive portfolio they haven’t even hit their two year mark yet.

Debuting on October 28th, 2020, P1Harmony dropped their mini-album with the title track “Siren”. This hypnotic dance hip-hop song was enough to count me interested and invested in all of the exceptionally talented and hilarious members. This title track was just a teaser to their growth and future.  The haunting music video with tons of symbolism of being under surveillance, combined with the hypnotic synth imitating a siren, shows us this is an announcement that the new heroes have arrived to fight this world filled with disharmony and make it a better place.

Even before their debut, P1Harmony was already breaking records by starring in their own movie to establish their unique identity and lay out the P1Harmony World for the fans. This allowed them to maintain a conspicuous image adding on to the mystery of what makes this group so special. On top of having a flawless discography, that members participate in creating, Korean-Canadian leader Keeho has also recently spoke out about why it is so important for his group to stay up to date on current events and always be mindful of the fine line between appreciation and culture appropriation, which is oftentimes a huge problem in K-pop.

Let’s introduce the members of P1Harmony. 

First we have Keeho, leader and vocalist. Born on September 27th, 2001, Keeho describes himself as a ‘patient, kind and funny person. A positive person too.’ The fans of P1Harmony, also known as P1ece, all adore his amazing sense of humor along with angelic vocals. Keeho is incredibly smart and truly loves what he does. His special talent has to be his memory, with his ability to remember fans and recount the exact interactions they’ve had in the past. As the resilient and reliable leader, Keeho is definitely a name to remember.

After Keeho, we have vocalist Theo. He was born  July 1st, 2001. Theo, who is happiest when he is singing, was a former SM trainee before finally switching to FNC Entertainment and debuting in P1Harmony. Theo says his dream on stage is to be a person who can give chills while performing to a large audience, and after seeing how talented he is with his insanely soulful voice, I can personally confirm he does just that.

Next we have the Ace, Jiung. Jiung was born October 7th, 2001. Oftentimes in K-pop the title “Ace” will be awarded to the idol who is very good at one position and above average at another one or two. Jiung excels at everything he does whether that be singing, rapping, or dancing. No wonder he’s good at everything he does considering at a young age, with the help of a tutor, he taught himself how to speak English. Jiung’s love for performing came from a performance he did with some friends during a school trip. While he was on the stage hearing everyone cheer, he realized this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Following Jiung, born August 31st, 2003 we have rapper and dancer Intak. Intak is one of the members that works on a lot of P1Harmony’s songs with his skill in writing lyrics. His unique personality is that he has a great spirit and loves challenges. Intak is lively, loving, and affectionate, and his dream is to be a cool and respected musician. With his unique flow, and amazing dance moves it’s no wonder this charismatic member is the visual of the group.

After Intak follows Soul. Born in Japan on February 1st, 2005, Soul is the freestyle god of P1Harmony when it comes to dance. Although quiet and mysterious, fellow member Jongseob says, “He’s usually quiet but when he starts talking, he talks a lot”.  Soul is known for his 4D personality which is unique and very out of the box. During an interview Jiung and Keeho said that if they were in survival games, like Hunger Games or Squid Games, they think Soul would be the winner.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have Jongseob the insanely talented and stylish rapper, dancer, and maknae. Jongseob is the youngest of the group born November 19th, 2005. Although young, he has the most experience out of all of the members starting his career as a joint winner of Kpop Star 6. After being picked by YG Entertainment as a trainee, he was chosen to be a contestant of Treasure Box, but was eliminated in episode 9. This lead him to move to FNC Entertainment before debuting in P1Harmony. Jongseob says he wants to be remembered as someone who gives strength through music during difficult times.

P1Harmony is a force to be reckoned with a timeless discography, hilarious members, and amazing stage presence. If you want to check out more content from P1Harmony, The Knockturnal’s got you covered with a list of all their socials.

P1Harmony Official Sites:
Twitter: @P1H_official
Instagram: @p1h_official
Facebook: @P1Harmony
YouTube: P1Harmony
V-LIVE: P1Harmony
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