One the Scene: Murdock London Launches in the U.S.

Murdock London launches their men’s grooming line in the U.S. exclusively at Nordstrom.The barber- part friend, part confidante, part advisor, and generally someone with whom you trust with something that we all want to get right every day, our hair. On a recent episode of FX’s Atlanta, Paper Boi spends the entire episode moving from one awkward situation to another, all the while being held “hostage” by his barber. If you haven’t seen the episode, do yourself a favor and find it. We’ve all likely been there before though, we finally find a barber or hair stylist that we trust with our hair and we do whatever we can to make sure that person is the one who styles us. In a world of barbershops where you can wait up to an hour to get into a chair, salons who really cater to women, but can cut a guy’s hair, and well, Supercuts, enter in Murdock London.

Murdock London is as you can tell by their name, is a British brand that focuses on the art of barbering and men’s grooming products. On this past Wednesday, April 11th, Murdock celebrated the launch of their product line in the U.S. by turning a suite in the W Hotel Times Square into a barbershop complete with a full bar, essentially replicating their London barbershops. In an atmosphere that blended New York’s Meatpacking district and London’s Shoreditch neighborhoods, guests were treated to haircuts, shaves, and shape ups from their master barbers as well as product demos from the CEO herself.
Anna Worthington, the aforementioned CEO gave me the background on Murdock explaining that what sets them apart is preserving the trade of the master barber, while making the atmosphere more modern.  Murdock’s barbers focus on building friendships with their customers while providing a premium experience at every touchpoint.  The products that will be sold at the top 50 Nordstrom stores were created by their barbers after not being able to find products that they really loved using.  I got a chance to sample the beard butter and facial moisturizer and I can attest that the beard butter is the best I’ve tried over the past few years.
 You can find Murdock’s line of distinctly masculine products including hair and beard products, shave kits, soaps, and candles on sale at Nordstrom right now.

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