On The Scene: Woodbridge Wines Celebrates New Wine Soda In Downtown NYC

Last night we were on the scene with over 200 guests to celebrate the launch of Woodbridge Wine Soda, the brand’s latest innovation – a first-of-its-kind RTD experience that combines crisp white wine with the refreshing flavor, sweetness, and pop of everyone’s favorite classic sodas.

Attendees sampled the newly launched Wine Sodas, while enjoying performances by electric violinist and DJ, Kat V, and exploring rooms decked out in the bright colors of the Wine Soda cans.    

The lively event celebrated the launch of Woodbridge Wine Soda to introduce the drink designed to make wine more accessible and less intimidating, blending sophistication with fun for a beverage that consumers can drink whenever, wherever and however they want.

The new RTD comes in variety six-packs containing three flavors: Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Orange – a perfect blend of quality white wine and natural flavors, at 7% ABV per serving.  

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