On The Scene: Uniqlo Unveils New Peace For All Collection

Since the company was first founded in 1974, Uniqlo has been no stranger to making the world a better place. The brand has promoted sustainability and has supported countless charities. Their latest collection, Peace For All, is one of their most selfless acts yet.

On Tuesday, we watched from New York as Uniqlo telecasted to London as its founders talked all about the new collection. Featuring designs from five incredible individuals who have each created so much positive change in the world, 100% of the collections profits will go towards international organizations that aid those affected by poverty, discrimination, violence, conflict, and natural disasters. “By wearing these T-shirts, we can share our hope for world peace and a future where everyone can live in safety,” Uniqlo said.

Not only are the T Shirts well made and comfortable with beautifully crafted designs, the message behind each one is heartwarming. Created by Tao Andao, Ines De La Fressange , Haruki Murakami, Kashiwa Sato, and Shinya Yamanaka, each design tells a story.

Tao Andao- “The Earth Is One”

“In today’s increasingly fragmented world, we need to reacquaint ourselves with the fact that we all live together on one single planet. That is why I have used this particular message. To achieve “The Earth is One,” it is vital that each one of us thinks very carefully about what we, as individuals, can do for society.”

Ines De La Fressange- “Peace For All” 

“Today designers and fashion brands must be generous and think firmly about the world and about humanity. I believe people will enjoy participating in this new and ongoing commitment and expressing their views about peace in such a pacific way.”

Haruki Murakami- “Save Humans, Save Cats” 

“I just wanted to be of some use (maybe not much, but still…) I think it would be nice to create a world in which people, and cats, can live in peace.”

Kashiwa Sato- “Peace For All” 

“I designed my T-shirt to convey the concept of PEACE, straight and simple. The repeated call for PEACE FOR ALL represents the feelings and voices of many people worldwide. It expresses a strong and heartfelt desire for a peaceful world.”

Shinya Yamanaka- “Humanity Must Progress”

“I took part because I wanted to do something useful as an individual in addition to promoting research as a physician-scientist. The ability of science and technology to change the world for the better is entirely dependent on the people who use it. So I added the message “Humanity must progress.”

Hear more about Uniqlo’s Peace For All Movement here!

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