On the Scene: Keep Lock’s ‘Respect the Jux’ Premiere

Cinema Village NYC hosted the premiere of the Pusha T and Keep Lock produced drama, Respect the Jux, on May 6. The star studded event brought celebrity trainer Don Saladino, reggae music producer JKlassic, the cast and more to the red carpet.

Respect the Jux focuses on how the “American Dream,” for some, is only a dream; especially for those with few resources. Jux Producer Anothony Jacobs sums it up, “This movie is about the choices life sometimes leaves us with.” The film portrays the infamous struggle of migrating to the U.S. from Jamaica. A cycle that often starts with a parent leaving their child(ren) behind to start a life in “the land of opportunity;” before sending for them so they can grow up in a better place.

The film, however, is just the beginning of a larger story. Years in the making, the novel based plot is the first of many urban stories Keep Lock will produce, according to director and writer G.H. Goba. “This is our job. To produce consistent urban content,” he reassured on the red carpet. “No longer would you have to wait five years for your next movie. From here on out, every year you’re going to see us standing on somebody’s red carpet; presenting to you something great.”

In addition to releasing more content, including Respect the Jux 2, a big part of Keep Lock’s mission is to employ black creatives and non-creatives to keep them off the street. Goba noted, “We’re not about the limelight. We’re actually about the network (…) let’s build. We’re looking for writers, producers, directors, leads(…) we can provide opportunities.”

Respect the Jux is now available on Hulu, Prime, Apple TV and more. Get updates for Respect the Jux 2 and more Keep lock films by following @juxmovie and @keeplockfilms on Instagram.

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