NYFWM: Heliot Emil Presents Spring/Summer 2018 Collection in NYC

Heliot Emil Spring/Summer 2018, presented at NYFWM Men's Day at Dune Studios.

Here’s a brief look at Heliot Emil Spring/Summer 2018, presented at NYFWM Men’s Day at Dune Studios.

Heliot Emil! Things to consider in this rapidly growing firm! Thoroughly contemporary, this collection was inspired by a complex theme, one that on the top end does feel oppressive and stressful: notions of post traumatic combat stress and the ways to deal with this. However, the result is a fascinating exploration of coping. Consider the names of these garments: ‘Dealer Jean’, ‘Ketamine shirt’.

It’s not forthright endorsement, but recognition of a striking and very real social implication. It’s not about smelling flowers, but smelling much more sinister things, perhaps, and quite frankly, illicit things. ‘Kamikaze Bomber’, a disassembled combat wear and very advancements on this idea from there. It’s a matter of formality, sometimes, for Julius Juul, the designer.

The color scheme tends toward darker: gray without being cold, wicked black, but no direct appeal to camouflage as a predictable designer might have done. The technicality of these garments is no laughing matter, and they’re to be appreciated: as fine as any genuine military garment. Luxurious and elegant, Heliot Emil has tapped into a burgeoning scene and concept that secures a conversation. Explore the multimedia of Heliot Emil on their high-concept blog.

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