Lil Duval, DeRay Davis, Faizon Love, Raquel Lee Host Green Carpet NYC Screening of ‘Grow House’

Weed, California, and dispensaries: a smokers trifecta.

Grow House combines the cannabis holy trinity with the comedic wit of Snoop Dogg, Deray Davis, and Lil Duval as they struggle to set up, run, (and grow) within their own weed dispensary, and hits theatres 4/20/17. We caught up with the cast to talk set life, influences,  and more below: 

Deray Davis 

Favorite moments from set:

“Basically, it was a comedic set with all comics so I guess working with Snoop. We had to go to his studio, so he wasn’t at work but he was at work that was a good time, lunch was a good time [laughs], no we had a good time filming the movie the entire time we had fun, I don’t know how I didn’t break. And I got to kiss Zulay who I wasn’t dating at the time [jokingly] we had just broken up so she had to kiss me [laughs.]

On deciding to join the film:

“Pooh, because he’s a great salesman for his product. He knows what he wants from the film, that and Duval’s my brother, you know we work together so I feel comfortable.

Lil Duval

Favorite moment on set:

“Just being on set with some of the people grew up watching . DJ Pooh, he was one of the people that got me in this because I watched Friday and that movie inspired me to want to do this. So him most importantly.

Joining the cast:

DJ Pooh called me and said he wanted to do a movie and I said hell yeah, it’s DJ Pooh!

Michael Blackson:

“I’m here to support. Me and Duval did a movie together called ‘Meet the Blacks’ that’s now on Netflix. So when I found out they were here I was already in the city so I wanted to support.” 

What he’s looking forward to:

I have no idea what this movie is about. I know it’s a bunch of people getting high [laughs], so I’m going to see what happens when you get high.

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