Kevin Spacey Presents New Docu-Series ‘Race For the White House’

CNN will host a six part miniseries come 2016 about six exciting campaigns to become leader of the free world. Produced by Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, with their Trigger Street Productions (along with Raw Productions), the docu-series will be CNN’s new 2016 original series and will feature unseen footage and interviews with the key people who were involved with those elections.

In a press release by CNN, the president of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker, stated, “We are absolutely thrilled to have Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti bring their world-class talent to CNN. When we created the CNN Original Series brand, this is exactly the type of programming we had in mind and Race for the White House will be the perfect complement to our coverage of the 2016 campaigns and election.”

Narrated by Spacey, each hour long installment will closely follow a campaign to become President of the United States. Considering that Spacey is Frank Underwood on the Netflix series House of Cards, it’s no wonder that CNN would want to show the dirty side of politics. Below are our guesses for the six campaigns:


  1. Trump v anyone
  2. Trump v. everyone
  3. Trump v. Trump
  4. Trump v. Trump v. wall around Mexico
  5. Trump v. Trump’s tax records
  6. Trump v. Trump comb over

All joking aside, we can be be fairly certain that the 2016 campaign will be one of six. The other five? We can only speculate, but:

  1. Adams v. Jackson (calling dead mothers certain words is a no-no)
  2. Bush v. Gore v. McCain (the movies are endless but don’t forget the Republican primary)
  3. Polk v. Clay (The 1844 election where Clay is a commandment breaking adulterer)
  4. Ford v. Carter v. Anyone (As in a man who was never elected v. a man who won by two points)
  5. Romney v. Obama v. Republican Primary v. Democratic Primary (no evidence of foul play)


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