Fishers Island Lemonade Launches Variety Pack Just In Time for Summer

 Bronya Shillo had her “aha” moment in her mid twenties when she decided to clean houses and bartend to fund and create, the drink getting all the buzz, Fishers Island Lemonade. Shillo told her story on May 18 while celebrating the launch of Fishers first ever variety pack.

Festivities took place in New York’s Five Iron Golf, very on brand considering Fisher Island Lemonade (FIL) is enjoyed, mainly,  on golf courses. However, Shillo began to notice the drinks popularity when it would sell out every weekend at the bar in her family-owned business, The Pequot Inn, Fishers Island, NY.

The canned cocktail was inspired by the signature house cocktail at the Inn, where the Salve Regina alum whipped up her first batches of lemonade. The recipe was finalized in 2014 and FIL was in the hands of consumers by Memorial Weekend. “Our mission is really to be the best tasting sprit based, canned cocktail out there,” Shillo said during her story. “I drink this, almost everyday; maybe every weekend?” she admitted, “So does my family, and I take a lot of pride in the ingredient base and the quality that we put in the can.”

Fast forward to 2021, Fishers released a cranberry based cocktail called the “Pink Flamingo,” a “Spiked Tea” and a sparkling “Fizz” drink to join the “Original” cocktail. Now, the company is “looking forward to our eight Memorial Day as a brand,” since their launch; according to Chief Marketing Officer, Russell Pareti.

FIL brings the sweet without the sour and is also very refreshing! All four flavors can be enjoyed in the variety pack this summer; with the brands delicious Frozen Spirit Pops.

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