Exclusive: Sydney Sweeney & Madison Iseman Talk Welcome to the Blumhouse’s ‘Nocturne’ [Video]

Loved ‘Black Swan’?—we have just the right film to add to your queue. Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney and Madison Iseman play sisters in a new supernatural thriller set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video as part of their Welcome to the Blumhouse series. Centered around ambition, the film raises the question, how far will you go to achieve success?

Jealous of her sister, Juliet [Sydney Sweeney] is a shy piano student. Juliet is by all means not the greatest fan of her twin sister and wants the chance to compete with her for the spotlight. Although her sister is typically always the center of attentions, things begin to dramatically change when she finds a music theory notebook belonging to a deceased classmate. Obsessed with doing all she can to be a great musician, she steals the book believing it will help her outshine her sister. she goes to great lengths to beat her sister at a prestigious institution for classical musicians.

Our correspondent, Katherine Tinsley, had the chance to talk to both Sydney Sweeney and Madison Iseman ahead of the premiere. Check out the exclusive interview above!

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