Exclusive: Nicole Beharie & Dan Stevens Talk New Roles in Amazon Original “SOLOS” [Video]

David Weil and Amazon Studios have collaborated on a new Amazon Original show titled “Solos”.

The seven-part series explores advancements in technology, A.I., and how the human connection could progress or digress in the distant future. Solos stars include the likes of Nicole Beharie, Anthony Mackie, Dan Stevens, Constance Wu, Morgan Freeman, and many other notables. The Knockturnal had the opportunity to virtually chat with two stars from the new science fiction, Nicole Beharie, and Dan Stevens. Beharie, portrays Nera, an expecting mother living alone in a remote location. Nera begins to go into labor but due to complications with her futurized fertility treatments, things take a turn for the worst. Exploring future advancements to I.A. and technology, I asked Nicole what her thoughts on things she would like to see advanced. “I love the environment and I love nature” Beharie says, “I think that we should be able to all have electricity, wifi, etcetera…just from the abundance of solar and water. It shouldn’t be expensive to exist”. During Beharie’s episode, she was confronted with a decision that could end the life of her son. Before any decisions were made, police intervened and asked to speak with her son, Beharie speaks about the scene. “I think she discovers that the thing that has gone array, and the thing that has developed in a way that she hadn’t planned is worth saving. Is beautiful and has its merits, especially when a source of danger or authority is looming.”

Dan Stevens co-starred as “Otto” in the series alongside Morgan Freeman. Stevens recounts filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was my first thing shot here in LA during COVID,” Stevens says “I don’t know the exact origins, but it very much felt like a pandemic project in a way. It was born out of the limitations of being able to shoot during this time. And also just the themes of it, big questions coming out of everyone’s heads during lockdown and this extraordinary time we’ve lived through”. Posing a similar question, regarding what he would hope for in technological advancements in the future Stevens says he wishes to be less reliant on technology. “I’m always fascinated by the question of how much different technologies are evolving our behaviors and that kind of thing. It’s something that’s always fascinating to me”. In Steven’s episode, Morgan Freeman portrays a thief who stole Otto’s memories of his mother. Otto returns years later to retrieve the stolen memories.

Solos premiers on Amazon Prime on May 21st.

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