Exclusive: New Cast of HBO’s ‘Industry’ Talk Season Two Ahead of Premiere

Two years have passed, but tonight we are finally getting a new season of HBO’s Industry. The show, created and written by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, followed a group of young graduates as they vied for a spot at a prestigious bank in London, Pierpont. Much like its sister show, Succession, Industry deals with business, sex, money, drugs, and everything that comes with the territory at working at a major company. This season, the show has expanded to include a new cast of characters, to join our main cast, who are no longer graduates, but full-time employees at Pierpoint. We meet Celeste (Katrine de Candole) one of the show’s few female execs who takes a liking to Yasmin, Venetia (Indy Lewis) a new graduate at Pierpoint not afraid to challenge the status quo, and Danny aka DVD (Alex Akpobome), an employee from the New York office here to make changes at Pierpoint London, although no one really understands his true intentions.

I got the opportunity to speak with newcomers Katrine, Indy, and Alex, as well as creators Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, and writing executive producer Jami O’Brien ahead of the premiere and they gave me the dish on how these new characters are shaking things up, what it was like to join the cast this season, what to make of the dynamic between Harper and Eric, and what it means to earn your spot versus being given it. Watch the full SPOILER FREE interview on YouTube.

Industry premieres August 1st at 9 pm on HBO and HBO Max. New episodes release each week.


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