Exclusive: Myha’la Herrold and Cast Talk Season Two of HBO’s Industry

It’s been two years and it’s a new dawn at Pierpoint and Co. There’s been a global pandemic and our graduates are no longer new but are still struggling to make their way in the competitive world of banking and investments. Industry, Succession’s more serious younger cousin and companion show of sorts, comes back to our screens today and we couldn’t be more excited. The show, written and created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, is a sexy and edgy, yet realistic look at classism and power dynamics in the workplace. This season Harper (Myha’la Herrold), Yasmin (Marisa Abela), Rob (Harry Lawtey), and Gus (David Jonsson) are back and facing new challenges and old distractions as they grapple with where their careers are headed now that they have permanent positions at Pierpoint. We also meet new characters, Celeste (Katrine de Candole), Venetia (Indy Lewis), and Danny (Alex Akpobome), and are reacquainted with familiar faces like Eric (Ken Leung), Felim (Andrew Buchan), and Rishi (Sagar Radia). What ensues this season is more of the twisted relationships we hated to love and the backstabbing in business we loved to hate.

I got the opportunity to speak with the main cast members Myha’la, Marisa, David, and Harry and we spoke about new hair choices, the show’s relationship with drugs, being a woman in a male-dominated field, and what it means to earn your spot versus being given it. Watch the full SPOILER FREE interview on YouTube.


Industry premieres August 1st at 9 pm on HBO and HBO Max. New episodes release each week.

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