Exclusive Interview With Jahfari Harvey

I had the pleasure to interview Jahfari Harvey, Harvey is a defensive end for the University Of Miami football team. Harvey is a rising senior who is majoring in Sociology.

Did you play other sports growing up? What inspired you to pursue football?

“I played football, basketball, and also ran track growing up. I was inspired by my family who already played the football game,” said Harvey.


Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a great athlete?

“The two strengths that make me a great athlete are my work ethic and how resilient I am. I always want to be the hardest worker,” states Harvey.

What are some of your personal and team goals for the University of Miami this upcoming year?

“My personal goal for myself is double-digit sacks and for the team, I believe we can win every game on our schedule and win the ACC championship,” said Harvey.


Can you tell me more about your clothing collaboration with Fan Arch?

“My collaboration with Fan Arch is an apparel brand with my logo and pictures on different merch and accessories like hats and phone cases,” stated Harvey.


What impact has the new head coach, Mario Cristobal, had on the University of Miami football team? 

“Mario Cristobal is organizing a toughness, discipline, effort, and accountability program,” said Harvey.

What is it like having Jason Taylor on the University of Miami’s football staff? Any new learnings from him? 

“It’s great to have a hall of fame guy on the staff to learn from. We have very experienced defensive line coaches so we’re always learning something new from the film room to the field,” stated Harvey.


What is a motto you strive to live by? 

Harvey lives by the motto, “Make tomorrow better than yesterday.”

Who is your biggest inspiration on and off the field? 

“My biggest inspiration is knowing I can change my family’s life with my craft,” states Harvey.


Any exciting plans after you graduate from the University of Miami that you can share with us?

“My plan after graduation is to have a great combine and pro day and enter the NFL draft,” said Harvey.

To keep up with Jahfari Harvey, follow his Instagram, and for business inquiries, please email Harvey HarveyNIL@gmail.com. The Knockturnal wishes the University Of Miami and Jahfari Harvey an amazing upcoming season. 

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