Exclusive Interview: Toronto Artist SAFE Shines Bright on ‘No Diamonds’

Shining bright like a diamond is the ultimate revenge even with no bling on. Because its the inner self that makes you shine and according to SAFE’s latest joint that’s all it displays on many levels.

Ever since his big co-signs in the city SAFE has been steadily building up his content. Ater some time SAFE drops a new boomin single ‘No Diamonds’. The song is all about SAFE staying on his grind with a mindset of moving towards progress. It’s a smack in the face for his haters who keep doubting him. As far as his music goes, his melodic flows have gotten better from when he first dropped music. When it comes to progress, it’s endless how far you can go with your craft, it’s safe to say SAFE came a long way from making heavy songs like ‘Hang’. The melodic harmony and improved vocals in his new music can only mean the rapper has been taking vocal lessons. In which case SAFE is gearing for the next big step in his career. As for the rest, we talked to the Torontonian Halal Boy about what he’s upto these days. Residing in NYC now, with an open state of mind and an exciting future ahead of him, he was more than happy to talk to us.

The Knockturnal: How do you Like living in NYC?

SAFE: I love NYC, it’s a beautiful city.

The Knockturnal: You don’t miss Toronto?

SAFE: I definitely miss Toronto, I miss my home, my family, but I’m on a secret grind right now but yeah I miss Toronto.

The Knockturnal: Definitely, I get homesick but for music, America is the place to be.

SAFE: Oh for sure, you know in Toronto me and the homies are well known but coming out here is a whole different world just because there are still a lot of people who don’t know of what’s going on. But America is definitely where it’s at.

The Knockturnal: It’s been a while for you, But you’ve always been coming with good music. I know every artist carries this journey with them as they improve in their craft, what’s that been like for you?

SAFE: There has been a lot of ups and downs but I have found like a way to balance in the middle and understand that being able to create through that love is honestly a blessing. As much shit I go through I always gotta find that balance to be grateful for whatever it is. It’s like aim for something and not get what I want but then I always have to say to myself that I gotta keep going. Where I’m able to understand that I gotta keep moving forward.

The Knockturnal: I know 2018 is almost done but what is your game plan for 2019?

SAFE: Definitely lot of content, lot of new music, new visuals, new merch, some fire merch. I definitely had to step back and figure out what direction I wanted to take so I figured all that out. So yeah, 2019 a lot of new content.

The Knockturnal: What about touring?

SAFE: Definitely going to be on tour.

The Knockturnal: Do you have any surprise features you want us to know about?

SAFE: There is definitely a couple of features but I want to keep it private for now. But definitely, some fire features on this project.

The Knockturnal: This one is for the city, I know Smokedawg’s death was shocking to the city. How was that like for you?

SAFE: Smoke is my brother, one of my best friends, that news came out of nowhere. Everyday I wake up and try to wrap my head around it. I already know what he’d want me to do. We’ve had a lot of conversations so I already know what he’d want me to do and how to keep it positive and tell the younger generation that streets is always gunna be what it’s gunna be, it is what you do to help one another. I still do feel something. I will never get over it but I’m still going through it you know. I definitely gotta send a positive message, so every time I’m in the studio or performing I have to give it my 100%.

The Knockturnal: What was the best thing you remember about him?

SAFE: There is a lot of things, but there is one thing that Smoke is very outgoing person and he always had a big smile on his face. He was a very caring person towards his fans and the people he loved. We just young niggas from the hood but as far as his family and fans go he was definitely a caring person.

The Knockturnal: Coming back to music. Let’s talk about your new video ‘No Diamonds’.

SAFE: We shot the video not how I usually post my videos you know high quality. This is more like me posted up at corner store. Niggas grinding, we’re grinding but we’re still shining. This video is to show people you don’t need a crazy budget to shoot a dope video. It is a night time video and it’s kinda grimey. The song to emphasize the song cause it’s like I’m still out here grinding, you know what I mean?

The Knockturnal: So do you have projects coming out this year?

SAFE: Yeah so, before the year ends I am dropping a fire project. I’m getting ready to release my project in the next few weeks. I cant speak on it too much but I’m excited for it to finally drop.

The Knockturnal: What are you bumping these days?

SAFE: I’m bumpin’ a lot of Sade and Frank Ocean. I’m always tapped into new music but yeah Sade and Frank Ocean definitely on my playlist.

The Knockturnal: This is off topic but as a Halal Boy what is your perfect meal of the day?

SAFE: Haha I like that! Damn, my perfect plate would be Lasagna or I would love like a Shawarma Plate.

The Knockturnal: If you were to walk out of this interview and found a million dollar, what would you do with it?

SAFE: Invest in myself most definitely, build a studio and buy my parents a crib.

T- Minus and ADP produced single ‘No Diamonds’ is Now Streaming on All Platforms, follow SAFE on Instagram.

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