Exclusive: David and Tamela Mann Talk Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea’s Farewell Play’ [Video]

Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Farewell Play” is moving from the big stage to the small screen for viewers worldwide.

David and Tamela Mann, aka “The Browns” star in the production as the beloved couple and dynamic duo. David Mann was amazed by the potential reach of the once stage-only play. 

“We never could have imagined we were doing theaters with 1,800 people and they had to come to us. For it to be airing on television, that’s a whole nother level. Wow.”

The production is expected to be a fun reunion, something thrilling for Tamela.

“It was very exciting for all of us to come back together after 10 years. Our chemistry never left, it’s like we just picked up right back where we left off.” 

Tamela and David have been bringing the Browns together for decades. Tamela says the two have evolved tremendously as characters through many productions across the years. 

“I’ve grown as an actress and have been trying to get better with the lines because with television there’s so much more to remember. With the play, it’s set night after night after night.” 

David and Tamela have been married for over 30 years. The two lived together during the pandemic, which David said was positive for Mr. and Mrs. Brown.“With just us, it’s drawn us closer so it’s been good for us.”

You can catch Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Farewell Play” on BET on February 16th.

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