Exclusive: Cast Talks New Film ‘Scorch Trials’ at New York Premiere

The Knockturnal got the chance to speak to the stars of the film, “The Scorch Trials” out today! 

Read what they had to say below!

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Did you come home with a lot of sand in your pants?

Yeah, it took about two weeks to get it all out. It was the first thing we did, running on sand dunes.

Things are really different for Newt in the Scorch Trials, what was the most challenging thing to shoot?

Probably hanging upside down for two days. You’re completely vertical and held in harnesses, all the blood rushes out of your feet and goes straight to your head. So your feet get numb. You can’t control how you’re spinning, so you’re just spinning and you have to do a performance. it’s all very disorienting.

What was your favorite part of shooting?

Hanging out with all of my friends. again. I made great friends on the first movie and now we get to come back and hang out and work as professionals again.

If you had to enter The Scorch and had to pick one person from all the characters you’ve played, who would that be?

Jojen is quite good at seeing stuff in the future, might be useful but he’s not very useful when it comes to fighting. He might be quite good, but we need a fighter. I never get to play those roles. I like to play as a big of a mix up as I can.

Alexander Flores

How was it different shooting the Scorch Trials compared to shooting the Maze Runner?

This time I knew what I was getting into, actually I didn’t know. But I wasn’t as nervous because I knew everyone. We had a great commodore from the first film right up to the second. That really helped a lot.

What was your favorite part of shooting?

I can’t pick one. The first three months of us hanging out, we were in Albuquerque, New Mexico, working hard in the desert and seeing all the sights; it was exciting.

If you had to enter The Scorch and had to pick one person from real life, who would that be?

Who’s a cool badass person? Jason Bourne.

Out of the two movies, what was your favorite trial? What was your most challenging scene for you to do?

Well in the second film, every character gets to do a lot of running. There’s a scene where we’re in an abandoned mall and shooting there was amazing. Just to be in there, at night, they made it so desolate and crazy, it was one of my favorite places to shoot in.

Jacob Lofland

If you had to enter The Scorch and had to pick one person from real life, who would that be?

Probably my friend, Billy. I don’t know thought, I would also like to take Ki Hong because he’s really fast. He could get out and get help because I’m not moving, I’m not that fast and I can’t run.

In that case, was the movie physically demanding for you?

Yeah, a little bit. We had two weeks of training before shooting. We had to run two miles every day, it was hard at first, especially because of the altitude.

Do you ever want to run again?


What was your favorite part of shooting?

Probably just working with everybody, getting to meet all these guys and calling them my friends and talking to them every day.

Any fun behind the scenes?

All the time, if we weren’t together, something was wrong.

Tell us a little bit about your character.

So when you first meet Aris at the beginning, he’s quiet and keeps to himself. No one really knows him and he’s definitely been there the longest. Throughout the movie he kind of grows a bond with the other characters and finds friends. 

James Dashner

If you had to enter The Scorch and had to pick one person from real life, who would that be?

I’ve got to say my wife and my kids. I would take Dylan because he obviously knows what he’s doing.

Was there any specific moment from the book that you wanted to also translate in the movie?

The biggest thing about writing the book were the visuals I had and Wes and has done them perfectly. Even thought there are a lot of little changes, I feel like the characters are very true to the book.


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