Exclusive: Brian Jordan Jr. Talks Sistas and What Could Happen with His Character

Brian Jordan Jr. is an ambitious actor who has completed filming the latest season of Tyler Perry’s “Sistas”. We caught up with him to discuss the show and what it means for his character going forward.

The Knockturnal: How do you describe the experience of working with Tyler Perry?

Brian Jordan Jr.: It’s an amazing experience. To be able to see one man do so many things and literally operate in the autonomy of owning everything is inspiring to me, so everything else is just lagniappe. It’s a family environment onset, a very uniquely Black place to work, and I love it!

The Knockturnal: How would you describe Maurice Webbs character?

Brian Jordan Jr.: I’ve coined the phrase “rainbow after the storm” when I think of my character. Sistas is a dramedy and with all the things that hurt these women on the show, Maurice is always there with something funny to do or say. He is a very outspoken and unfiltered character, but it’s all love!

The Knockturnal: What was your favorite part of filming for this past season?

Brian Jordan Jr.: My favorite part of filming was the camaraderie amongst my peers on the show inside of our quarantine bubble. We did daily workouts together which helped me begin my new health journey, and it was also a beautiful time to share experiences with likeminded individuals. 

The Knockturnal: What can we expect in the next season for your character?

Brian Jordan Jr.: You can expect a lot of reckoning with Maurice this season. He is confronted with a lot from his past and he has to deal with it. It’s certainly going to take you on a ride!

The Knockturnal: Do you feel that his struggles will be an important part of the plot going forward?

Brian Jordan Jr.: I 100% feel like his struggles will be important to the plot. The fabric of our show is incredible, in the sense that every little thing that happens to each character becomes important in the grand scheme of things.

The Knockturnal: How did you feel having to finish production amidst the pandemic?

Brian Jordan Jr.: I feel proud! We were the first American primetime television show to go into production and wrap during the pandemic. Just think about it, a Black show with a Black writer and on the lot of his Black-owned studio! There’s no better feeling!

The Knockturnal: What inspired you to get into acting?

Brian Jordan Jr.: I’ve always been an entertainer. Growing up, I played football, I was always told jokes, and like many African American kids (namely in the South) I attended church and I was always in a church production of some sort. I took things to the next level when I met Debbie Allen and she nurtured and helped me foster and understand my craft. The rest is history!

The Knockturnal: Could you describe your first acting role for us?

Brian Jordan Jr.: Wow! My first acting role was literally in a community theatre production of The Wiz and I played the Tin Man!

The Knockturnal: What would be your dream role?

Brian Jordan Jr.: I would love to play Donny Hathaway in a biopic. That’s my dream, that I will play Donny in a film.

The Knockturnal: What are your plans for 2021?

Brian Jordan Jr.: My biggest plan in 2021 is creating content. I really want to take more time for my own content and start getting some things in rotation.

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