Absolut Vodka is going tech with micro site Hoppr by Absolut

The self proclaimed tinder for parties launched late last year but Absolut threw an epic kick off party last night at hotspot Mr. Purple in NYC.

The bash started off with a VIP preview of Hoppr and a warm greeting from the Hoppr team before opening its doors to all guests and yes, hopprs looking for a good party with an open bar.

So what is Hoppr? Don’t worry. Absout is still in the business of making vodka but the company wants to change the way people go out, interact, and entertain. Bringing together unexpected connections and making cool offline friendships.

One Hoppr team member said “Absolut has always been a brand that has its finger at the forefront of nightlife – From Studio 54 to the latest evolution of the Absolut Nights campaign, (remember when Zedd popped out of a shipping container in Brooklyn?) technology has changed the way we interact – how we date, how we get a car, and now how we party.”

Once logged in through Facebook, users can either identify as a party thrower or party goer. Goers log in, swipe for nearby parties, and request an invite. The thrower receives the invite, can check out the goer’s profile and either accept or decline the invite. If there’s a match the partying can begin. Just like Tinder the app tells you if you have any mutual Facebook friends so if you end up with weird stains at your next house party you can hunt down the culprit.

In keeping with the party’s theme of all things social, Absolut cocktails like the Gif Me A Mule, Mandarin Candy Crush, and Lemon Dropbox were served. Guests also nibbled on truffle grilled cheese, mini mushroom tacos, and deviled eggs while taking in the stunning roof tops views Mr. Purple is known for and dancing to the tunes of Vashtie.

Hoppr by Absolut is currently only available in NYC but will be launching in LA just in time for Coachella. They’ve also partnered with brands like Paper Magazine and the hottest club promoters to ensure the good times roll.

So what are you waiting for? Head to http://absoluthoppr.com and start hoppring.


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