“Yappy Hour” To Celebrate The Best In Show

A “Yappy Hour” was hosted on Thursday, June 23 to celebrate the winner of the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The Knockturnal had the opportunity to attend a “Yappy Hour” at Freehold in the Park on Thursday, to celebrate the Best in Show owner. The event was a lovely “meet and greet” in which individuals were able to come in enjoy a cocktail, snap a photo with the adorable dog, and cheers the winners.

Trumpet, a wrinkled bloodhound from Illinois, won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Wednesday Night in Tarrytown, NY.

“We did not expect to win,” Trumpet’s handler said.

The four-year-old dog was the first bloodhound to ever win the Dog Show, and his kind nature is what makes him so special. The event was busy, with children running in and out, pulling at Trumpet’s long ears, but he remained calm and lovable, giving kisses to anyone that came in his direction.

In celebration of Trumpet and his handler, Heather Buehner, Freehold in the Park offered a series of complimentary cocktails that were named in honor of the event. There was the “Man’s Best Friend” which was Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter, St. Germain, and Fever-Tree Lemon Soda, another delicious option wast the “Judge’s Pick,” a delectable Espresso Martini. The creative cocktail names shed light on just how well thought-out the event truly was. While we were there to celebrate the dog, it was hard not to enjoy yourself as well.

The ambience at the event was extremely enjoyable, the bar which is right in the middle of Union Square Park, offers a beautiful outdoor patio and bar where people can enjoy a drink while in the park. It could not have been a more perfect location to celebrate Trumpet.

Trumpet, the Bloodhound made dog history on Wednesday, and if you have not watched his performance, I highly recommend doing so!

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