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Kendrick taught us the meaning of hard work amidst rappers dropping some hardcore flops. Read on about This Week In Hip Hop. 

  1. Relatively fresh emcee Dreezy released her From Now On EP this Christmas. It’s honestly quite the stale record lacking substance and originality. On “Serena” Dreezy pulled in Dej Loaf who did her thing but could not save the track.

2. ILOVEMAKONNEN dropped a visual for “Leave U 4 Myself” which features nothing much else aside from a doll head bobbing through city streets. I kind of understood the hype around Makonnen’s first hits, but at this point I’m sorely lost. He’s yet to have wooed me with lazy vocals layered over simple beats.

3. Lauryn Hill blessed the world with a Christmas gift of her own, returning with a soulful carol. I can’t remember the last time I saw a new track from Ms. Hill pop up. It’s exciting to see her return even if it is for one track, because it really is a lovely song.

4. Jeezy stopped by CNN to speak with who else but Don Lemon. I don’t know if rappers fighting with Don Lemon is a thing now, but I really hope it dies off. These conversations don’t really bear fruit, and neither person comes away with some sort of revelation.

5. R. Kelly’s new album debuted as number one on the Hip Hop/R&B charts. However, I can’t support a dude who “allegedly” assaulted a minor and got away with it. I’m still with McGruder on this one, act like you got some sense.

6. The author behind Drake’s “Hold on We’re Going Home” has dropped visuals for “Something About You”. Maid’s voice is very impressive and his songwriting is incredibly good. That being said I think he lacks something in melody that Drake and his production team were able to bring to the table with Hold On.

7. G-Eazy released a lyric video for “Random” where he insists his success is based purely off effort. It’s a cute idea, definitely overdone, but I can usually stomach the message when it comes from someone with a little more character. G-Eazy is famous because he’s a white dude that looks like an fashion model, not because he’s an ill emcee. Don’t get it twisted.

8. Jidenna also released three new tracks, my personal favorite of which is “Extraordinaire”. I don’t know much about Jidenna or how much a veteran he is. It seems like he’s just sprung up in the mainstream, but it’s a beneficial sprout nonetheless.

9. Michael Christmas has taken to soundlcloud, dropping a single to reflect on the successes of the year. Michael’s slowly becoming one of my favorite artist with the amount of sincerity pumped into his tracks. “Big Ass Smile” is no different, it’s definitely worth a listen.

10. Finally Kendrick Lamar put out a Youtube short showing what comes with hard work. I relate to the kid in the video, thinking back to playing ball with older dudes while they threw me advice. I think a lot of emcees right now need to hear this message.

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