The Web3 Ticketing Weekend Warrior – A Montauk Summer with the Mighty YellowHeart at The Surf Lodge

Attention – weekend warriors! YellowHeart is playing your anthem loud and clear.

Get ready to battle the machine and disrupt the system this summer in Montauk with the best thing to hit the Hamptons since the lobster roll. Climb out from the oppressive heat of the concrete jungle in the city and make your way out east where you will discover the incarnation of a new magical sound. Lying on the storied stage on the deck of The Surf Lodge you will find a new way to experience music.

The sights and sounds found at the legendary Montauk institution will never be the same now that YellowHeart has launched their phenomenal Web3 ticketing platform here. The unique community token allows holders exclusive access and grants benefits at The Surf Lodge this summer, including the chance to join the Friday guest list, on-site perks, and limited-edition merchandise.

Seeing this in action at the immensely popular hotspot is like sitting in on a private studio recording with an A-list musician or can even compare to posing as a model for the biggest painter in the world. The magic is in motion for a newly birthed system that dares to boldly break the old-school mold of the way the public can access art. Music is for the people and with a system in place like YellowHeart there is a grandly divine new sound being orchestrated before our very eyes. History is in motion, and it is moving at a rapid speed of change – change for the better.

As Bob Marley sang in lyrics that fit the moment, “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah; Make you wanna move your dancing feet now.”

YellowHeart is a leader in an industry who is not afraid to take the bulls by the horn and charge alongside the weekend warrior to help them win. Yes, there is no doubt there is a war going on with the ways of doing ticketing in the music industry. You basically would have had to be living under a rock not to know about the recent upset over Bruce Springsteen’s Ticketmaster fiasco. Good luck affording access to the show much less a pleasant customer service experience.

Yet, here is a platform in the NFT marketplace helmed by the fearless leader, Josh Katz, founder and CEO, which dares to actually give the consumer what they want – a joyful music experience that focuses on the attendee and the artist rather than a hiked-up profit for a corporation.

Reflecting on why ticketing reimaged during concert series like the one at Surf Lodge that has showcased the likes of Elderbrook and Felix Cartal in recent weeks is important, Katz says, “All we really strive for is to give joy to people. It’s really the whole ethos of the company. Even the name YellowHeart roots out of having a heart of gold and to care about others.”

Using MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet to redeem tickets has become so easy that even your mom is starting to do it. It’s not just a game for teenagers – everyone from celebs to your building super is understanding it. The one thing we can all walk away from nearly three years of a pandemic is knowing that none of us want ever to feel like we have wasted our precious resources ever again. We as a human race have collectively decided we will unite around the world in wanting things that are easily accessible and transparent. YellowHeart is a marketplace that does just that.

There is no disguising. There is no disclination. This is a new world where the music never stops playing.

Experience your own magical summer at The Surf Lodge this season in Montauk. Learn more about how to do it here, as well as the dozens of incredible opportunities that YellowHeart is offering in coming months.

The great resistance is now. Come on weekend warrior. Get your groove on for the revolution happening in Montauk and all over the world.  Never stop dancing under that big, bright, and beautiful yellow sun.

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