Paul Bettany’s ‘Shelter’ Will Hit Theaters On November 13

In his directorial, producing, and screenwriting debut, Paul Bettany directs Oscar Winning actress (who happens to be his wife) Jennifer Connelly, as well as Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker). The film was produced by Robert Ogden Barnum (Lawless), Katie Mustard (The Greatest), Daniel Wagner (Broken City) and Bettany himself.

A story of Hannah (Connelly) and Tahir (Mackie) as they live in completely different scenarios although find themselves at meeting at the crossroads in life when they are both homeless, living on New York City streets. Tahir is supposed to be a homeless Nigerian immigrants as Hannah is a junkie loose on the streets, and as they find each other to survive on the streets, they find themselves in the meantime.

And as the audience gets to know the characters more and more, we wonder what must have happened in their past and what else we do not know about the other homeless who continue on in the world. The film also stars Bruce Altman (Glengarry Glen Ross) and Rob Morgan (Daredevil), we can be sure to expect this 105 minute film to be as enticing as it sounds devastating.

You can watch the trailer below and be sure to check the film Shelter out on November 13.

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